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Qwilr update · January 9, 2019

New for Our Qwilr Integration: Create Projects

Qwilr helps businesses make intuitive and impressive sales and marketing documents and websites. And now Zapier can automatically create new projects in Qwilr whenever trigger events happen in your CRM, project management software, or other tools in your tech stack. Plus, you can automatically personalize these documents and websites with...read more
Qwilr mention · February 15, 2018

The 8 Best Proposal Apps to Win Projects and Land New Clients

Every new client needs slightly tweaked copies of documents you've sent before. You could make new ones every time, but that takes up so much time. Copy old documents, though, and you run the risk of forgetting to remove a former client's details or to include crucial terms...read more
Qwilr update · October 12, 2016

New App: Create Web-Based Visual Proposals and Presentations with Qwilr

First impressions matter when you're trying to sell your product or services. Replace clunky PDF attachments that need to be downloaded with interactive, mobile-friendly webpages using Qwilr. You can edit these documents easily, embed any media you want, and even leverage a library of stock image and video to...read more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated November 16, 2016

Remember trying to make your resume stand out among the sea of other letter sized, 12pt Times New Roman applications? Perhaps you bumped the font size a bit, put your qualifications in a text box alongside your experience listings, or were bold enough to add images and tweak colors.

Ultimately the deciding factor in you getting the job—or landing a client with your work today—should be your actual work, but sometimes you have to get people's attention first. That's true of your proposals and quotes, too. They can easily just be another PDF lost in an inbox of similar proposals that never got checked, no matter how much time you put into them.

Qwilr offers another option that can save time and get your proposals noticed. Instead of building a PDF proposal, it helps you build an entire website as a landing page that lays out your experience and design ideas, and can let your clients sign on the project and even pay you all from the same page. And since you're starting from pre-made customizable templates, you can create the landing page in less time than it'd take to make a PDF proposal.

You'll start out by selecting a template for your page, or a blank project if you want to start from scratch. There, you'll add elements to your website one after another, tapping a + icon between sections to add new text, quote, video, splash, or embed sections—or reuse content you're already written for another proposal site. Click on any text to type and customize it, and fill in the proposal or quote sections with line items, quantity, discounts, time logs, and anything else you'd bill for in sections to show your project breakdown. Your page will automatically calculate the totals and show them at the bottom of the page with your currency settings, where clients can accept, sign, and pay in a few clicks.

First, though, you'll have to sell them on the idea that your team is the best for this project—and that's what your site sections are for. Since your proposal isn't a PDF document, you can share anything: links to your previous projects, embedded documents or videos that showcase your work, and full-page images and captions that sell your branding. Each section only takes seconds to add, and can then be reused later if you want. And if you want to customize the design, the edit button in the corner lets you select styles, add custom CSS, and more.

Sharing the proposal site is easier than you might expect, too. Click the Send button in the top right corner, and you'll get a private link to share with your client. Or, you can download the page as a formatted PDF to attach as well, in case your client would prefer a PDF proposal. You can then track your page's stats, see which sections got read, and get notified as soon as your proposal is signed.

Creating a landing page for each proposal might seem like overkill, but with Qwilr, you'll likely save time while creating nicer proposals than you were before. It's a simple way to make fancy online documents for the perfect way to sale your team's skill.

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