Create ShipStation order from QuickBooks invoices

Someone has made a purchase from you, awesome! Now you need to get it to them, which can be a bit tedious. Take care of that automatically by sending your QuickBooks Online invoices to ShipStation. They'll arrive as new orders, ready for you to send them on their way!

How It Works

  1. An invoice is created in QuickBooks Online
  2. Zapier creates an order in ShipStation

What You Need

  • QuickBooks Online account
  • ShipStation account
Create ShipStation order from QuickBooks invoices
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QuickBooks Online is the web version of the popular accounting packages QuickBooks. Use any Zapier integration to connect QuickBooks Online to hundreds of other apps.

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ShipStation helps eCommerce retailers organize, process, and fulfill their orders from all the most popular marketplaces and shopping carts using the top shipping carriers.

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