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Reviewed by Matthew Guay · Last updated May 11, 2016
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Listing your tasks for today, or this current project, or even the active projects across your team—that's not too difficult. But when your entire company is using the same project management tool to manage vastly different projects across teams, it can quickly get confusing and expensive.

Producteev is a team task management tool that solves both of these problems. It adds another organization level to your projects—Networks—and lets your entire team manage projects together for free. No matter how many tasks, projects, or team members you have, the base version of Producteev is free.

And it's still a full-featured to-do list style project management app with the tools you need to manage any company projects. It starts with Networks, which you can use to organize projects by department, team, product, or anything else you want. You could even make a new Network for your personal tasks, or add one for something you and a coworker are working on this month.

Inside each Network, you'll see a familiar to-do list with a list of people, projects, and labels on the left side. Projects each have their own list of tasks, along with a bar along the top to quickly add a task. Type in things you do, along with @ or # symbols to assign tasks, give them a due date, or add a label. Want to bulk add due dates, priorities, or tags to tasks? Just click the large checkbox at the top, select the tasks you want, and then bulk-add anything you need.

Click a task to add more details in its dedicated sidebar. There's the star button to add priority—with 6 levels of priority to give your tasks a detailed hierarchy of importance. The due date button lets you set a date for the task, and also lets you choose if it'll take all day or not, much like a calendar event. You can even have Producteev send you a reminder whenever you want before the task is due, even with a time-zone setting to get notifications at the right time if your entire team isn't located in the same area.

If you need to see tasks in another order than just a list, Producteev's calendar is just a click away in the top right corner. You can drag tasks to reschedule them, even moving them around within the Day view to set today's detailed schedule. Then, to see what's been done in the project, click the Activity button for a detailed list of every update and change that's been made.

Sorting and filtering tasks is simple inside Producteev. There's quick filter options on the top of every project, to find tasks due today or those with top priority. Tap a label in the sidebar to see every task in that Network with the same label—a quick way to find all your code or writing tasks, say. Or, use the search bar to search across your entire Producteev account for tasks in any project and network.

It's everything you need to manage each individual task, and dive down into your Producteev task hierarchy—no matter how complicated it gets. Real life is messy, with projects spread across teams and divisions. Producteev's networks, projects, and lists help you keep everything organized, with every other task just a few taps away.

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Producteev Features

  • Organize your work into Networks, Projects, Tasks and Sub-tasks
  • Use color-coded labels and priorities to add at-a-glance info
  • Add deadlines and time-zone based reminders to tasks
  • Follow tasks to receive updates
  • See everything that's been done in a project with its activity feed
  • Customize interface with Pro plan
  • iOS, Android, Mac, and Web apps available

Producteev Pricing

  • Free for unlimited projects and tasks
  • $99/month Pro plan for customized design and logo, and personalized support with response within 24 hours

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