ProdPad Updates

ProdPad update · October 7, 2017

Updates to Our ProdPad Integration: Use Zaps to Log Detailed Feedback and Ideas

Product management requires a lot of balance and organization. ProdPad helps you track feedback from multiple sources, prioritize new ideas of your own, and develop a greater product strategy. It just got easier to automate your product management processes, thanks to the updated ProdPad + Zapier integration. The integration more
ProdPad update · June 14, 2016

Push ProdPad Ideas and User Stories to 500+ Apps via Zapier

If you manage your product using ProdPad, you probably enjoy thinking of a variety of ideas, building, testing, then repeating the same process. Pairing ProdPad with Zapier means that you can integrate ProdPad with 500+ other apps, giving you more options for quickly distributing and testing your product ideas, more

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