Create WebMerge document merges from new Podio actions

Dynamically create PDFs and other documents in WebMerge from new Podio actions. When you set up this Podio WebMerge integration, every time there is a new Podio action Zapier will automatically generate a new PDF, a customized Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document through your WebMerge templates.

Note: This Zapier integration only creates WebMerge document merges from Podio actions that are created after you've set it up.

How It Works

  1. A Podio action is created
  2. Zapier created a new WebMerge document based on a WebMerge template

What You Need

  • Podio account
  • WebMerge account
Create WebMerge document merges from new Podio actions
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Podio is a collaborative work platform that's perfect for managing projects, teams, and anything else in your business that needs flexible apps that work the way you do.

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Automatically generate PDF and Word DOCX documents merged with data from online web services. Contracts, invoices, applications, tickets, and more - all created dynamically, saving you time and money.

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