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What Pipeliner Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • Archived Lead - Triggers when a lead has become archived.
  • Moved Opportunity - Triggers when an opportunity was moved.
  • Archived Opportunity - Triggers when an opportunity has become archived.
  • New Opportunity - Triggers when a new opportunity is added.
  • New Note - Triggers when a new note is added.
  • New Appointment - Triggers when a new appointment is added.
  • New Lead - Triggers when a new lead is added.
  • New Contact - Triggers when a new contact is added.
  • New Feed Message - Triggers when a new feed message is added.
  • New Task - Triggers when a new task is added.
  • New Account - Triggers when a new account is added.

Supported Actions#

  • Update Opportunity - Update an existing opportunity.
  • Create Note - Create a new note.
  • Create Contact - Create a new contact.
  • Create Opportunity - Create a new opportunity.
  • Create Feed Message - Create a new feed message.
  • Create Lead - Create a new lead.
  • Update Account - Update an existing account.
  • Update Contact - Update an existing contact.
  • Create Account - Create a new account.
  • Create Appointment - Create a new appointment.
  • Update Lead - Update an existing lead.
  • Create Task - Create a new task.

Supported Searches#

  • Find Opportunity - Finds an existing opportunity.
  • Find Lead - Finds an existing lead.
  • Find Client - Finds an existing client.
  • Find Data Option - Finds a dropdown, radio or multiselect option.
  • Find Sales Unit - Finds an existing sales unit.
  • Find Account - Finds an existing account.
  • Find Contact - Finds an existing contact.

How to Get Started with Pipeliner

To get started, connect a new Pipeliner account.


You'll then see a window popup that looks like this (not filled in, of course):


You'll need a few things to fill these fields out.

  1. A Pipeliner Admin user account is required (assign this role in your user "pipeline settings" menu). More info here.

  2. An API key.

  • Click "User" and then select "Pipeline Settings" from the menu


  • Then click "Sales Pipeline" and "API Access"


  • From the main navigation menu, click "Show API Access Details"


  • Use these credentials to fill out the Zapier settings.


If everything goes smoothly, after you click save in Zapier, you'll see a success message.


Common Problems with Pipeliner

We don't have any common problems documented yet, but feel free to contact us so we can help you personally!

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