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  • How to Get Started with Pipeliner
  • Popular Things To Do With Pipeliner
  • Common Problems with Pipeliner

How to Get Started with Pipeliner

To get started, connect a new Pipeliner account.

You'll then see a window popup that looks like this (not filled in, of course):

You'll need a few things to fill these fields out.

  1. A Pipeliner Admin user account is required (assign this role in your user "pipeline settings" menu). More info here.

  2. An API key.

  • Click "User" and then select "Pipeline Settings" from the menu

  • Then click "Sales Pipeline" and "API Access"

  • From the main navigation menu, click "Show API Access Details"

  • Use these credentials to fill out the Zapier settings.

If everything goes smoothly, after you click save in Zapier, you'll see a success message.

Popular Things To Do With Pipeliner

  • Add new Facebook Lead Ad leads to Pipeliner as leads

    Facebook Lead Ads + Pipeliner Hybrid

    Try It
  • Save Wufoo form entries as Pipeliner leads

    Wufoo + Pipeliner Hybrid

  • Subscribe new Pipeliner contacts to your MailChimp newsletter

    Pipeliner Hybrid

  • Create WebMerge documents for Pipeliner opportunities

    Pipeliner Hybrid + Formstack Documents

  • Save new ActiveCampaign subscribers as Pipeliner Leads

    ActiveCampaign + Pipeliner Hybrid

  • Add Pipeliner leads from new JotForm submissions

    JotForm + Pipeliner Hybrid

Common Problems with Pipeliner

We don't have any common problems documented yet, but feel free to contact us so we can help you personally!

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