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Pipeliner tries to bring the best of both worlds, as an online CRM that can work for you in the background and native apps for Macs, PCs, Android, and iOS devices that work 100% offline. You'll always have the data you need at your fingertips, even if the internet's not working, while at the same time your CRM's still working for you in the cloud. Then, when you're back online, your apps will sync with the cloud and make sure everything's back the way it would have been if you were online the whole time.

You'll find a Windows XP-style interface design throughout Pipeliner, mixed with a somewhat more modern kanban board style organization system. Your sales pipeline will be laid out with the stages you want, with each potential sale listed with its dollar amount. Mouse-over, and you'll see the full set of info about that deal. There's also a quick goal listed on the lower right, to help you know how much more your team needs to do to hit your goals for the month.

Then, Pipeliner works to also make the relationship between your contacts more visual. It'll auto-fill in info about your contacts from social networks, if possible, and then let you connect them in a visual hierarchy chart to show relationships. You can chart the positions of your contacts inside the same firm, to help you decide whom you should contact next about a deal. Or, you can visualize the relationship between different suppliers, customers, and more. It's a unique way to sort the info about your contacts in a way that'll help you quickly get the big picture about your contact relationships.

There's more, too. You'll find feed that'll show recent updates from social networks, pivot tables to help you dig deeper into the info about your contacts and deals like you would in a spreadsheet, and a template designer to help you gather the info you need about your contacts. And if you work internationally, you'll find multiple currency and time zone support to help you out.

Pipeliner's design feels older and more like traditional business software than most web apps, but its offline support and visual overviews of your contact relationships are unique features that make it worth considering.

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Pipeliner Hybrid Pricing

  • $25/month per user Starter plan for core features and 2GB storage

  • $55/month per user Business plan for reports, dashboards, insights, and more

  • Custom Enterprise pricing available

Pipeliner Hybrid Features

  • Manage contacts and take them through your sales workflow

  • A graphical flow-chart to organize your contacts and their relationships graphically

  • Kanban-style visual pipeline for sales processes

  • Get detailed insights on your sales process with Pipeliner Navigator

  • Mac, PC, Android, and iOS apps that work offline

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