Pipefy Updates

Pipefy mention · October 2, 2017

The 11 Best Kanban Apps to Build Your Own Productivity Workflow

If you're starting the next SpaceX, a to-do list with tasks like "Design rocket" and "Start Mars colony" won't take you there. Checklists are too simple, focused on the next step and not the bigger picture. Great new products require that fuller vision. Which is why Taiichi Ohno invented kanban...read more
Pipefy update · March 23, 2017

New for Pipefy: Use Zaps to Delete Cards from Pipes

You rely on Pipefy to visually organize your tasks: by creating cards on various pipes, you can see what's in progress, what's due, and more. Not only can Zapier's Pipefy integration create cards on Pipefy pipes, but now it can also delete them. Set up Zaps that delete cards from...read more
Pipefy update · November 3, 2016

New App: Create Automated Process Workflows with Pipefy

How much time and effort have you lost with inefficient processes and missing info? With Pipefy you can automate your processes by setting rules to move your info ("cards") through different stages of "pipes". Cards can represent anything—contacts, inventory units,etc. Just like Zapier, you can make your own pipelines in...read more

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