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Pipedrive update · April 8, 2016

Search for Key Deals and People in Pipedrive

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Five Ways to Manage Contacts, Customers and Sales Leads with Ease

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Pipedrive update · May 1, 2015

New Action and Updated Time Options for Pipedrive

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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated July 6, 2018

Kanban boards are a great way to get a visual grasp on what's going on. You could build one from sticky notes in columns on your whiteboard, showing your team's ideas, stuff you're working on, and the stuff you've finished. Or you could use a dedicated kanban app to organize tasks and ideas virtually.

Pipedrive gives you the core Kanban features you need to organize your work in a CRM designed to help you close deals faster. Instead of using kanban boards as an extra way to view deals, Pipedrive puts them front-and-center as the primary way you’ll work each day.

Login to Pipedrive, and you'll first see the standard pipeline view of your leads and deals in their various stages. You can customize the pipeline to your liking, with custom names and the sales stages you want. If you find something in your way, you can turn it off—every feature in Pipedrive has an off switch as a little way to make it into the CRM that works just the way you want.

On the top of your pipeline columns, you'll see the total value of that column and the number of prospective deals it contains. Each card, then, shows its value, the deal name and the company behind it, and a quick access button to see todos about that deal or add a new task or note to that deal. And, of course, you can drag cards to the next column as the deal progresses.

So far, so normal. Now, jump over to the Activities tab, and instead of a calendar, Pipedrive includes another kanban board. This time, it shows your deals for each month, with the total value of won deals and deals that are still in progress. You can then drag deals to the bottom of the screen to mark them as done or reschedule them to allow more time to close the deal. And if that's still too much clutter, there are filtering tools to help you drill down to the deals that need your attention today.

There's more, too. Pipedrive not only lets you import your data to get started quickly but also has import tools that'll pull your CRM data over from over a dozen other CRM tools. It'll also work wherever you need to, with support for sixteen languages and most global currencies. Close a deal anywhere on earth, and you can track its value in that local currency but still get your end-of-year reports in your home currency.

Kanban tools aren't rare in the world of CRM software, but it's seldom to see one 100% centered around them. If you're already managing your projects in a tool like Trello, Pipedrive would seem to be the ideal way for you to manage your leads and deals.

Originally published December 15, 2015; updated July 6, 2018 with new screenshots, pricing, and feature details.

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