Create activity on Pipedrive when Qwilr projects are viewed

We often forget to follow up with leads once they've reviewed our sales and marketing documents. This Zapier automation will not only remind you to follow up by creating a new Pipedrive activity but also enable you to do so in a timely manner, as soon as your Qwilr project is first viewed by a client.

Note: This Zapier automation creates a new activity only the first time a Qwilr project is viewed — not each subsequent instance in which the project is viewed.

How this Qwilr-Pipedrive integration works

  1. A Qwilr project is viewed for the first time
  2. Zapier creates a new Pipedrive activity

Apps involved

  • Qwilr
  • Pipedrive
Create activity on Pipedrive when Qwilr projects are viewed
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