Send new Picatic attendees handwritten Thankster cards

It's a challenge to welcome every new attendee when you're busy planning an event, but Zapier can lend a hand. Automate the process with this integration: It will send handwritten cards from Thankster to every new attendee that registers on Picatic.

Note: [ This Zapier integration doesn't send to already registered attendees — only new attendees after you've set it up. ]

How this Picatic-Thankster integration works

  1. A new attendee registers for an event on Picatic
  2. Zapier sends a handwritten card from Thankster

Apps involved

  • Picatic
  • Thankster
Send new Picatic attendees handwritten Thankster cards
Picatic integration logo

Picatic makes it simple to create stunning event pages, manage registrations, and sell tickets anywhere.

Thankster integration logo

Creates and mails cards and notes with authentic handwriting, requiring only address information and message text. Great for CRM, marketing automation, lead gen, and more.

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