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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated October 17, 2017

You've got emails piling up your inbox that are filled with valuable data—bill notifications, new contacts from your website, order notifications from eBay, reminders to pay your credit card, and more. All you need to do is copy the important text, save it somewhere, and archive the email. But even that's more time than you should have to take.

An email parsing app could do all of that for you, automatically. Train it how to recognize what you want to copy from emails, have your email app automatically forward similar messages to the parser, and you'll get all the data and none of the email hassle. And with Parseur, it's easier than ever to train an email parser what to copy.

Just like many email parser apps, Parseur has you make a new inbox in its app for each type of email you want to parse. Say you want to parse your eBay order emails. You'll make a new eBay parser mailbox, and Parseur will give you a unique email address for that inbox. Now forward one of your eBay notification emails to the parser inbox. Parser will recognize when it comes in and ask you to make a template.

That's where the fun starts. You'll see your original email in Parseur, just like it looked in your email app. Unlike many other email parsers, Parseur keeps your emails looking the same with rich HTML formatting so you can easily find the data you want to copy.

Scroll down and find something you want to copy—say, the order number or total price. Select that text, then enter a name for that field in the Captured fields list on the right and click Create. Repeat that for everything else you'd like to have copied from your email. The best things to select are text you want to copy that shows up in the same place in every email—if the text that comes right before what you select stays the same every time, odds are Parseur will be able to find the text to copy.

Now, set your email app to automatically forward those order emails to Parseur; here's how in Gmail. You can then get a spreadsheet download of your parsed data, or connect Parseur to Zapier and use its integrations to send your email data to 750+ apps.

Want to go back and see the emails that Parseur has parsed? Just click the Documents tab in your Parseur inbox and you can see the original emails along with the data that Parseur copied out. If Parseur couldn't copy the text, it'll ask you to make a new template—and the more times you do that, the more reliable your parsing will be. You can then repeat those steps and make new inboxes for every type of email you want to parse—something that's easy with Parseur as it lets you make unlimited inboxes with every plan.

Copying data from your emails doesn't have to be a time-consuming, painful job. In fact, it can be something that happens automatically in the background, getting work done from your inbox while you do your more important tasks. And with Parseur, it's easier than ever to teach an email parser what you want to copy.

→ Learn more about parsing emails in Zapier's Email Parsing Guide.

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