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Papyrs update · March 1, 2013

Automating Your Company Intranet with Papyrs

Last night I was up late having some fun with new Zapier integration partner, Papyrs. If you are anything like me you love the idea of an internal wiki where teammates can happily collaborate, share documentation and have a good time. After all, what could be better for a more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated June 15, 2016

Wiki. Intranet. Team notes app. Internal blog.

Your team needs a way to share ideas and info, a quick place to write notes and make sure anyone on the team can find them again. There's a lot of ways to go about it, a handful of confusing app categories, but the core need is the same. You need something that's as easy to use as your personal notes app, but that can scale to handle your entire team's data.

Papyrs tries to fit that need with its easy to use intranet/wiki app. It's simple: just write info you want to share in a page, and hit Save. No notebooks or complicated organization tools to fuss with. It's designed to be a simple place to share everything that's important to your your team.

But it's more than just plain notes. If you only need plain text with some formatting, Papyrs' editor is great for that. Just type your thoughts, add formatting, and save. But if you need more stuff in your pages, the editor's menubar is your best friend. You can drag-and-drop widgets for photos and video, social media, Google results, polls, code blocks, outlines, checklists, attachments, tables, discussions, and form fields into pages. You can also customize the layout, with a core document in the main section and a sidebar with widgets on the right, if you want.

Forms are an especially handy part of Papyrs, because they give you a place to validate ideas, gather info, and keep your intranet up to date without having to hand-edit tables on pages. Just drag in the form elements you want, and anyone who vists the page can fill out the form while reading the rest of the info you've shared. Then, you can see their form entries in a dedicated reports viewer, and sort it in spreadsheet-like tables or use alternate views to showcase media and more.

Papyrs doesn't include notebooks or other strict organization tools, but it does let you add categories and tags to each page. Then, you can sort pages by their category or tag, or add your top categories and tags—along with important individual pages—to the top menubar for quick access. There's also global search for a quick way to find anything that's been published in your team's Papyrs account. And if something goes missing—say, a team member accidentally deletes a bit of important info from your page–the page versions will come in handy, since they let you jump back in time and view or restore older versions of pages anytime you need.

Want to see what's going on in your team and what new notes have been added? The Activity Stream page lists every update along with who added it. There's even a status update box at the top to share social media-like updates with your team about your thoughts and what you're working on.

Papyrs makes it simple to organize your team's thoughts and ideas, and with its new redesign it's easier to use than ever. If you've been looking for a quick way to share thoughts internally—or need a more powerful tool to gather internal feedback and stay up to date with what everyone's working on—Papyrs can handle it all in one place.

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