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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 6, 2015

Switching back and forth from your to-do list, notebook, calendar, project manager, and messaging app is annoying at best, time consuming at worst. You'll remember in the back of your head that some piece of info should be somewhere, and so you end up searching across a half-dozen apps just to find a note that was written in a calendar appointment.

Pagico is a productivity app that aims to remove that confusion and hassle by keeping everything together in one app. And, unlike most new productivity apps today, it's a native app that runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux, with companion mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can keep track of your projects, tasks, events, notes, contacts, and files, and collaborate on all of them with your team, right from one app.

As a native app, you'll first need to buy a copy of Pagico for your computer, along with the companion app for your phone. You can then start adding your tasks and notes from the quick-add box on the top left corner. Type in a task complete with its due date and time, and Pagico will recognize the text and turn it into a scheduled task. Or, type in a note, then find it on your dashboard and you can format your text with standard formatting tools.

Every new item in Pagico is added to your Inbox at first—but ideally, you'll start organizing your tasks and notes into projects soon. Just select the Projects tab on the left, then type a new project name on the top and you're ready to work. You can then add in your tasks, notes, and files and view them in one place for each project. You can also view your tasks in a flowchart just for that project, to stay on track of your schedule without being distracted by everything else going on.

There's also a mini CRM of sorts built into Pagico, with its Contacts page. There, you can add contacts and companies you want to keep track of—or just drag in contact details from your address book, and Pagico will import them. You can then add tasks, notes, and files to each of them, to keep track of your interactions, schedule followups, and more.

Then, there's Workspaces—a virtual space for you and your team to collaborate. You'll get a free personal workspace when you buy the Pagico mobile apps, and then can subscribe to workspaces for your team. There, you can organize your team projects, tasks, and notes, collaborating on everything you're working on while still keeping your personal stuff separate.

The Dashboard is where it's all tied together. Your inbox, projects, contacts and workspaces could quickly feel disjointed as you add more tasks, and you don't want to have to open each item everyday just to see what's going on. Instead, your Dashboard is the place you'll need to check. It'll show your tasks for today, as well as your overdue and upcoming tasks in a Might Do column. There's even a calendar at the top with a chart of your schedule, and you can zoom into a week view or zoom out and see the full quarter or year at once. It's your entire life—work projects, personal stuff, and the random tasks you threw in your inbox at the last minute—altogether.

Pagico is powerful enough to be a GTD app, flexible enough to be your team's collaboration solution, and smart enough to recognize what you've typed and when you need to do stuff. If you're looking for a new way to manage everything you need to do on your desktop, it's definitely worth giving a try.

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Pagico Features

  • Organize projects, notes, tasks, contacts and more in one app
  • Get the big picture of your work with calendar, list, and flowchart views
  • Dashboard shows the tasks you must and might do today
  • Collaborate with teams in cloud workspaces
  • Runs on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS

Pagico Pricing

  • $50 for Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu
  • $15 for iOS (including iPhone and iPad)
  • $10 for Android
  • $10 per cloud workspace
  • From $4.99/month for team workspaces
  • Team packages available

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Pagico is a powerful productivity suite that helps you manage projects, contacts, daily tasks and files in one place. Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android, Pagico is your best cross-platform information management platform.

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