Outgrow Updates

Outgrow update · June 5, 2019

New for Our Outgrow Integration: Watch for New Lead Segments

With Zapier's Outgrow integration, you can send information to 1,500+ other apps whenever a new lead is created in Outgrow. With the latest update, you can now filter data based on an Outgrow lead segment to help streamline which leads you pass to other apps. → Automate your surveys with...read more
Outgrow mention · August 14, 2018

Boost Customer Engagement with Interactive Marketing

In Marketo's 2017 State of Engagement report, 82 percent of marketers reported having a deep understanding of their customers. However, more than half of consumers stated that brands could do a better job of aligning with how they want to engage. Despite their best efforts, many brands are still failing...read more
Outgrow update · March 16, 2017

New App: Build Interactive Quizzes and Calculators with Outgrow

Content is king, but churning out e-books and whitepapers demands a hefty investment of your time, and might not deliver the conversion rate you need. Outgrow makes content creation turnkey with interactive calculators and viral quizzes to pump up your marketing efforts and boost conversion rates—no coding knowledge required. Create...read more

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