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Outgrow update · June 5, 2019

New for Our Outgrow Integration: Watch for New Lead Segments

With Zapier's Outgrow integration, you can send information to 1,500+ other apps whenever a new lead is created in Outgrow. With the latest update, you can now filter data based on an Outgrow lead segment to help streamline which leads you pass to other apps. → Automate your surveys...read more
Outgrow mention · August 14, 2018

Boost Customer Engagement with Interactive Marketing

In Marketo's 2017 State of Engagement report, 82 percent of marketers reported having a deep understanding of their customers. However, more than half of consumers stated that brands could do a better job of aligning with how they want to engage. Despite their best efforts, many brands are still...read more
Outgrow update · March 16, 2017

New App: Build Interactive Quizzes and Calculators with Outgrow

Content is king, but churning out e-books and whitepapers demands a hefty investment of your time, and might not deliver the conversion rate you need. Outgrow makes content creation turnkey with interactive calculators and viral quizzes to pump up your marketing efforts and boost conversion rates—no coding knowledge required...read more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated April 11, 2017
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You want people to signup for your mailing list, try out a demo of your product, and register for your upcoming webinar or meetup. A form is a natural way to accomplish that goal. It has a field for people to enter their name and contact info, and a submit button to send that data along to you. What more could you want?

The problem is, people aren't so keen to fill out yet another form. They don't want to take the time—and may not even want to get your emails even if they do want the product or service you're offering.

Outgrow changes that with interactive quizzes and calculators that do the same job for you as a form, but do much more for your readers. Instead of just asking them to fill out a form, they can be an interactive way to figure out how much a website design or insurance plan would cost, or which brand of car or phone they should buy. They'll then be prompted to share the results—to give you that elusive viral form you want—and also send their info to you for more details—something they're much more keen on now that your calculator has already answered part of their question.

It starts out nothing like your average form editor. Instead, it's a bit more like making a PowerPoint presentation. You'll start with a template, choosing between a calculator or a quiz style. With calculators, your users will see a calculator value right alongside their answers. Say you have a calculator to decide how much creating a video would cost. You'd have users enter the number of actors, the publishing medium, video length, and other details—and then using a spreadsheet-style formula you've entered in Outgrow, the calculator sidebar would show the estimated price for that campaign.

Quizzes work a bit more like a standard form mixed with a Buzzfeed-style quiz. You'll ask your user some questions (perhaps how many seats they need in a vehicle and their budget), then on the final page your quiz will show the user which item they should buy (perhaps recommending a Toyota Corolla to a family). You'll add your own logic to Outgrow to guide the results, telling it, say, which car to recommend for 5 seats under $25k.

Forms are, much like a presentation, designed around graphics. You'll include a background photo and logo in your forms, and use images to showcase the best option you recommend to users at the end of quizzes. That'll help drive more users to your forms, too, since Quizzes end with a request to share the results on social networks—something people are much more likely to do now that the form has given them the answers they needed.

Outgrow isn't designed for your standard forms, and isn't likely the tool you'd use to get people to signup to your blog emails. But it is a great way to get qualified leads—perhaps to send targeted emails about specific car models or video styles to people who filled out those quizzes. It's a great way to add more advanced marketing to your site, in a way that provides value to you and your users.

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