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Osmosis update · April 10, 2013

Generate Design Briefs and Proposals with Osmosis

The toughest part of starting a client project is getting all the specs and creating a proposal. Mostly mundane tasks that eat up valuable time. Our new integration partner, Osmosis, is fighting this problem. Osmosis helps agencies and freelancers cut project start times in half by gathering requirements up front...read more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 8, 2015

Tired of projects running overtime, over budget, and creeping far beyond their initial scope—or simply not winning the projects to start with over misunderstandings with your potential client? Most of these problems boil down to miscommunications, things that could be avoided if there were a better way to collaborate on new projects than email and phone calls.

Osmosis is a project proposal app that'd designed to simplify the back-and-forth process, making sure that you get contracts that cover all aspects of the project and get you and your potential client on the same page—quite literally. You'll keep up with everything from the initial project discussion to the signed proposal all in one place.

It all starts with a questionnaire. Osmosis is designed with the idea that if you gather as much info about projects as possible before starting, you'll have a far better chance of a final proposal that'll get signed and turned into a paid project. Instead of sending emails back and forth, you'll make a questionnaire that covers everything possible in the project, and use that data as the record of what you've agreed to work on.

Many creative projects start with similar questions, so Osmosis includes four pre-made questionnaires and dozens of pre-made questions. You can start with them and customize to your needs, or you can make your own questionnaires that include any info you need. You'll want to get as much info as possible, with full-sentence questions and wide text areas that let your potential clients send their full answers. There's even link fields for clients to show examples of what they're thinking of, and upload fields for them to add their own logo, content files, and other things you'll need for the project.

Once you've gathered the information from your potential clients, it's time to make a winning proposal. Instead of just a one-page proposal with a line for your client to sign, Osmosis proposals pull together all the data you've gathered, as well as any terms, conditions, and additional information you'd like to include. There's a rich text editor where you can add as much text as you want, to make sure everyone's literally on the same page.

Then, send off your proposal, and Osmosis will notify you as soon as it's been read. Your client can sign the proposal on their screen, and then you can set Osmosis to send a file or a QuickBooks invoice—or anything else via Zapier integrations—as soon as the proposal is signed. And you'll be ready to get to work on the project, with a full record of everything the client wants and your interactions with them all in one place.

Osmosis is an interesting take on a proposal app, one that makes it easier to ensure you're fulfilling your clients' wishes and making proposals they're sure to accept. If you're tired of having projects get sidetracked or canceled through poor communications, it may be the tool you need to organize your freelance work.

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Osmosis is a web app that helps creative people cut project start time by creating reusable client questionnaires and work agreements. Osmosis can help you optimize your client intake process.