Create new QuickBooks invoices from new OneDesk timesheets

If your accounting team relies on Quickbooks, they don't want to have to log into different applications to check the working hours for your staff. This integration helps with that by automatically creating an invoice in QuickBooks whenever a new timesheet is created in OneDesk. That way, your team can track time the way they're used to, and your accounting team can get updated automatically.

Note: Please make sure the Timesheet assignee's emails in OneDesk matches your existing customer email records in QuickBooks.

How this OneDesk-QuickBooks integration works:

  1. A new timesheet is created in OneDesk
  2. Zapier creates a new invoice in QuickBooks

Apps involved:

  • OneDesk
  • QuickBooks
Create new QuickBooks invoices from new OneDesk timesheets
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