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OmniFocus mention · April 15, 2019

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The 11 Best To Do List Apps in 2019

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The 14 Best To Do List Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019

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Getting Things Done®: The 10 Best Apps for GTD®

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The Complete Guide to OmniFocus: One of the Best To-Do Apps for GTD

From Post-It notes on your desk to detailed project management tools, there are hundreds of ways to manage your tasks. And yet, one app has continued to capture the imagination of people trying to get things done: OmniFocus. OmniFocus was launched in 2008 and designed around the Getting Things more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 3, 2018

Productivity isn't just getting stuff done. It's getting the right things done at the right time. As such, you need something more than a simple to-do list that contains your daily tasks and the groceries you need to buy. Instead, you need a tool that organizes your tasks and shows what you need to be doing most right now. OmniFocus, with its GTD-inspired workflow and calendar integration, is an app build for people who are serious about personal productivity. Add in your tasks and organize them, and you'll always know what needs to be done next.

Omnifocus, which is available for macOS and iOS devices, starts with your tasks, called Actions. You could use OmniFocus like a traditional task manager and get by just fine, but it has many more capabilities. Each task can include a task name, notes, start dates, and due dates. The start date is when you should start working on a task, while the due date is when the task should be finished.

A Forecast tab in OmniFocus shows you the tasks you should be starting and finishing. When you connect the app to your calendar, the Forecast view also includes upcoming events.

Omnifocus also has options to import tasks from Siri and send tasks to you via email or to another app through Zapier. When you're ready to organize your tasks and events more thoroughly, you can explore Contexts and Projects. Contexts essentially let you add a tag to tasks to say where or when they need to be completed. For example, you could make a "store" context where you can add a list of items you need to purchase. Contexts are flexible, so feel free to be creative in how you use them to categorize tasks.

Projects contain a lists of things that need to be done in order to complete a larger goal. Examples of projects are a home renovation project, a website redesign, or planning a wedding. You can also use Projects, to manage ongoing work. Unlike a typical task-management app, OmniFocus lets you create projects that contain sequential tasks, where one task must be completed before the next can be done. You can also create parallel task lists, where tasks can be completed in any order. Or you could list a project as "single action," where tasks are only loosely related, such as in the example ongoing work. Another way you can organize your projects is to mark them active, on hold, or completed.

OmniFocus' projects are powerful. They can have their own notes and due dates, and can even be set to repeat on a schedule. When used in conjunction with the Forecast view, you can see exactly what needs done next, based on the date as well as the settings you've added to each project. Or, you can make your own perspectives to view tasks in any order you want.

A Review tab works a helps make sure you haven't let any tasks fall through the cracks. This view includes tasks that are missing due dates, tasks you've snoozed, and other items that may have gone off your radar.

Other great features in OmniFocus include an AppleScript integration (in Pro) that automatically organizes tasks, keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly add and organize tasks, and functions for hiding distractions in the interface.

OmniFocus is an advanced and powerful task-management app that can help you keep your life organized. More than just a simple to-do app, OmniFocus helps you see what you need to do when it most needs to get done.

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