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When people visit your website, your ultimate goal is for them to purchase a monthly subscription. But you also need to sell them your small sample kits, and you hope they’ll subscribe to the mailing list while they’re there. The problem you have is simple: you bought an off-the-shelf WordPress theme (or Shopify template), and can’t customize the site to your liking. What do you do?

Enter Omniconvert. Instead of calling an expensive web expert to design and develop all your customer conversion tools, Omniconvert lets you put together everything you need and add it to your website—all without putting together a bit of code.

You can create surveys and overlays to entice your visitors to sign up for a mailing list when they first visit the site. You can run A/B tests to find out if more people click a green “Buy” button or an orange “Buy” button. And you can even personalize the site based on specific information about your visitor—everything from geolocation to whether or not they’re a repeat visitor to your blog. (If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s called segmentation. Omniconvert has taken this extremely powerful feature, and made it easy to use.)

Here’s how it works: after you sign up for a free account at Omniconvert, they’ll ask you a couple questions about your website and set you up with your first conversion tool. I run a web design business, and I elected to create a simple survey to find out if my visitors were satisfied with the business their existing website gave them. (The answers were “Yes” or “No”, but you can make the survey as complicated as it needs to be—complete with a logic tree, if necessary.)

Omniconvert asked me for my website’s URL, and made it look like I was making changes to my site right in their visual editor—a nice touch. And they also pre-filled a sample template for me. By clicking through the template, I could easily swap out text and images as quickly as I can in a program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Omniconvert walked me through a couple more screens where I chose who should see the survey. I set up a segment in less than sixty seconds that worked as followed: the survey only showed to first-time visitors of my site in North America and Europe, and never appeared again—even if they subsequently visited. I also said it should be exclusive, so no another survey could override this one on my home page. And finally, I set it to run for thirty days.

After all that was done, it was even easier to set it up on my site. My website runs on WordPress, and Omniconvert has a WordPress plugin. (They also have a plugin for websites running on Drupal, Joomla, and PrestaShop.) All I had to do was install the plugin and copy and paste their single line of code.

If I wasn’t using a plugin, Omniconvert walks you through copying and pasting their code to your website. It’s very easy to do, but if you’re unsure of yourself, you can send it to your developer with just a single click.

Here’s the best part, though: thanks to Omniconvert’s code optimization, your website won’t get dinged by Google for any of the experiments you launch with their tools. Omniconvert says they’re following Google’s exact guidelines for tools like theirs, and Google won’t even know you’re launching interstitials or using Omniconvert to begin with.

No matter what I did with Omniconvert—whether it was creating a survey, a popup, or an A/B test—it was just as easy as my first experiment. Even if you know nothing about code, you could dive in and click through their easy-to-read menus and follow the same process I just detailed and get great results every time.

I was particularly impressed by the A/B layout tool. If you want to use Omniconvert to test different colours or designs for your website, Omniconvert will display a preview of your website and let you make changes just by clicking on the element you want to change and making your changes in their editor. I changed some navigation colours on my website, and was able to do it just clicking on the link that I wanted to change and clicking on a different colour in the colour wheel. It’s that easy.

You can base A/B tests on segments as well. The segmentation tools in Omniconvert will be familiar to anybody who uses Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, but even if you don’t know anything about those tools, you’ll have no problem understanding what you’re doing.

Personalizing your website works in much the same way: click on the element you want to change, and make the changes you want to make. Then select the segment you want to use. A simple example of the power of personalization: maybe your website’s about page launches with the words “Good morning.” You can change those words to “good afternoon” or “good evening,” and use the segmentation to make sure those versions of your page happen at specific times of day (and make it time zone-aware, which is handy).

Let’s return back to our example of the cosmetics business. You could use a survey to ask if people are happy with the quality of their makeup the first time they visit their website. You could create a pop-up that encourages users to subscribe to your mailing list the first time they visit your blog (and even keep that popup for appearing if that visitor has already signed up). And finally, you could create an interstitial that appears when a user is about to close the window or tab, and offer free shipping on their first order to hook them back in.

Omniconvert makes all that optimization and conversion easy to use, and it’s all available at an extremely fair price. If you want to convert visitors on your website (and why wouldn’t you?), Omniconvert deserves your consideration.

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Omniconvert Pricing

  • Free for up to 5,000 tested views

  • From $59/month Platform plan for 10,000 tested views with multiple websites, 5 subaccounts, custom branding, mobile website testing, and support

  • Custom Enterprise plans available with optimization strategies, experiments, reports, and account strategist

35% discount with annual plans

Omniconvert Features

  • Add surveys to your website that appear on click, on page load, on scroll, or when a visitor goes to exit the site

  • A/B test changes on your website and segment who sees them without touching any code

  • Personalize your web pages based on your audience

  • Use website overlays to deliver the right message, at the right time, to your site’s visitors

  • Segment your surveys based on visitor behaviour (how often they frequent your website), conversion rates, traffic source, your visitors’ technology, and custom views

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