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Olark mention · November 22, 2017

A Family Business Cut Out 90% of the Time Spent on Manual Work

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How to Keep Your Sales and Support Teams Happy and Efficient with Automation

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Olark mention · January 12, 2016

The 10 Best Live Chat Apps for Faster Customer Support

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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated December 9, 2016

The best time to solve an issue is, so often, right when it happens. When something breaks and you have to wait hours for an answer, it only makes the problem feel worse. Get immediate help, though, and you might come away even more impressed with the company than you were before.

Live chat is a great tool for offering that nearly instant help. Whether customers are having trouble or someone browsing your site has questions about your products, they can get in touch with your team just by tapping a Chat button. And with Olark, adding that chat button to your site is simple.

Olark is a live chat tool for your site that's focused on helping you answer people's questions in real-time. It's not a full helpdesk—you'll need another app for email support and your knowledge base. But it's perfect for adding chat to your site. Just paste its embed code into your site, or install its extension into your CMS or eCommerce platform, and you'll have a live chat button on your site in minutes. It works on most sites—even hosted platforms like Shopify and Squarespace. You can then customize Olark to match your site's theme, with a light or dark background, button or tab for the chat box, and a color theme that fits into your site. It even includes holiday themes to add some extra cheer to your site during December, if you'd like.

You can also connect Olark to your team's tools, to have as much info about your customers as possible when they start a conversation. Olark connects to CRM apps including HubSpot, Salesforce, and Highrise, along with help desks like Zendesk, Desk, and Groove. With the CRM apps, you'll be able to pull in info about customers and link chats to their CRM profile, while the help desk apps will let you turn chats into support tickets for your records. And with Zapier's Olark integrations, you can get notified whenever a new chat starts or save a log of your transcripts to any app.

Then it's time to start helping your customers. You can chat with them from any browser at chat.olark.com, with a tabbed interface to keep up with multiple conversations at once. Or, you can use any traditional chat app—including Pidgin, Adium, or the Messages app on macOS—to talk to customers through Olark.

The web app, though, gives you the best features. You'll be able to see everyone who's asked your team a question, along with visitors who are just browsing your site. See someone who's been poking around for a while? You can start a chat proactively, sending them a message which Olark will make popup on the bottom of their page. Or, if someone's asked you a question, you can see the pages they've visited along with any other info your Olark account and connected apps have about them. You can save text shortcuts to type common responses with a quick keyword, or use Cobrowsing to help the customer by controlling their browser.

You'll want to make sure your support team doesn't get overwhelmed, though. With a chat box on every page, you might have too many people starting conversations. So, you can use targeted chat to set up rules where Olark will, perhaps, only show up for customers who've visited specific pages, people in some countries, or those who've spent a certain length of time on your site. You can also setup groups that route chats to the correct person on your team based on what the conversation's about or where it started from.

Olark includes everything you need to take care of your customers in real-time, using any chat app you want. Connect it to the other tools you use for support and marketing, and it'll help your team answer questions more efficiently.

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