Create new tasks from received Office 365 emails

Want to make sure you address the action items from all your work emails? We can help save you the trouble of setting things up on if you activate this Office 365 integration. From then on it will trigger with every new email received on Office 365, adding a task on with all the information you need to ensure you don't miss a single one.

How It Works

  1. A new email is received on Office 365
  2. Zapier automatically creates a task on

What You Need

  • Office 365 account
  • account
Create new tasks from received Office 365 emails
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Office 365 Business is complete office suite in the cloud. It provides all the standard office products like Excel, Outlook, Word, SharePoint and more, but available from any internet enabled computer!

Zapier does not currently support addresses or Home 365 accounts, only business or Enterprise! integration logo is a solution for task, time, and performance management. Simple, powerful and tightly integrated.

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