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Nutshell update · December 11, 2017

New for Our Nutshell CRM Integration: Add More Details to New Leads

When you add leads to your CRM, you need to be equipped with all the information that will allow you to close that business opportunity. With the latest update to Zapier's Nutshell CRM integration, you can automatically include all the data fields your team needs to be successful: more
Nutshell update · July 19, 2017

New for Nutshell CRM: Instant Triggers for Faster Zaps

When it comes to customer relations, faster is better. And with the latest integration update, all Nutshell CRM Triggers just got faster. Triggers now fire instantly instead of on a 5-15 minute delay. Super-speedy integrations like the new Nutshell CRM Triggers are possible when apps support rest hooks, a more
Nutshell update · April 17, 2017

3 Updates for Nutshell CRM: Trigger Zaps on New Activities, plus More

When the status of a lead changes, your team springs into action. Thanks to the latest updates to the Nutshell/Zapier integration, those actions can now be automated. Set up Zaps that automatically notify you whenever a follow-up rolls into the "overdue" status. Or, create an automated digest of more
Nutshell mention · June 1, 2015

Five Ways to Manage Contacts, Customers and Sales Leads with Ease

The Zapier Monthly: Contact Mangement Edition | Vol. II, Issue 5 Every month, we teach you how to use Zapier to solve a problem or reach a goal. This month, we're showcasing how to streamline the creation and management of contacts in your CRM. Managing contacts is like sorting more
Nutshell mention · September 23, 2014

The 25 Best CRM Apps for Every Business

Managing your contacts didn’t used to be so difficult. When you started your business, you had a handful of suppliers and customers, and few enough team members that you could memorize their email addresses. Things change. That’s good: business is growing and you have more people than more
Nutshell update · January 31, 2013

Contact Tags in Nutshell CRM

Easily tag contacts that you send into Nutshell via Zapier! Use our convenient comma separated format and add as many tags as you like!read more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated December 12, 2017

Managing your contacts is a full-time job in itself. Once you've carefully saved each of your contacts, you'll still need to research background info on them, keep track of every time you talk to them, and figure out how to start the conversation each time you reach out. And whenever they're interested in buying your products or services, you'll need to remember to go through the same steps every time.

Nutshell is a CRM that can handle that for you. Instead of creating more contacts work, it'll do the smaller tasks so you can spend more time with your contacts and close the deals that you're working for.

Start out by adding your contacts—something that should be easy as Nutshell can import contacts from your phone's address book, email services including G Suite and Office 365, a spreadsheet, or your existing CRM. Adding new info is easy, too. Type in an address, email, or phone number, and Nutshell will recognize what you entered and categorize it correctly. If you added contacts from your email service, Nutshell can then watch for new emails and automatically track your correspondence with each contact. And, it'll automatically show each contact's location—and the current weather there—on a map at the top of your profile and will add their title and social media info to the sidebar, so you'll have something to talk about each time you get in touch.

You'll also want to keep track of your sales. The Leads section in Nutshell has everything you need there, with deal pages that include the correct contacts and people, notes about the sale, the products they're interested in, and even competitors so you can remember everything about the project. Each potential deal shows a pipeline at the top so you can see at a glance where that deal stands. You can add new pipelines to organize specific sales workflows for each type of product or client you deal with, with processes that can automatically add tasks and due dates to each sales stage so you remember to sign an NDA before showing them your project ideas, say.

Nutshell can even make sure the right person is on the job. From its User Assignments settings, you can have Nutshell watch for deals with specific criteria—say all mid-sized deals with small businesses from one part of your city—and assign them to the person on your team that's best for those deals. You can even work that into your processes to make sure tasks and leads get assigned to the right person. Need time to get things done? There's even a Delays setting to set default delays to add buffers to your projects.

As you work on your leads, it's easy to know what to do next and see how your deals stand. Nutshell includes a kanban board style layout to drag leads from one stage to the next, along with a list view to see more details at once. You can even view leads on a map for a great way to figure out how to split up meetings.

Whenever you login to Nutshell, you'll get a quick heads-up about how things are going from the dashboard. It shows your open projects and recent sales and top performing team members in cards, with your schedule on the right. You can add more cards if you like, with lists of people—perhaps those who you haven't contacted recently—or pipelines to see how your sales are going.

There's more too, little features tucked throughout the app that help you work faster. Wondering what's coming up? There's a calendar in the top left corner that shows your due tasks and scheduled events. Need to add a new contact from a business card? Nutshell's mobile apps include a scanner tool just for that. It's everything you need to simplify your contact management work in one app.

Originally published September 23, 2014; re-published December 12, 2017 with Nutshell CRM's latest features and pricing.

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