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Nutshell is a powerful CRM capable of handling any lead load you throw at it.

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Nutshell CRM Features

  • Keep track of all your team's contacts, conversations, and deals in one place
  • Import contacts from spreadsheets, address books, or other CRMs
  • Automatically assign leads to the correct sales representative
  • Build standard processes to make sure the correct tasks are done every time
  • Send personalized emails with templates
  • Place calls and record audio from Nutshell
  • Use a kanban board, list view, map, or chart to organize your sales pipeline
  • Android and iOS apps available with business card scanning to quickly add contacts on the go

Nutshell CRM Pricing

  • $22/month per user Starter plan for core features with a single sales pipeline
  • $39/month per user Pro plan for multiple sales pipelines, sales process automation, advanced reporting, unlimited click-to-call and recordings
  • $79/month per user Pro+ plan for dedicated customer success manager, free training, and quarterly business reviews

Plans cost $19, $35, or $69/month per user, respectively, if paid annually.

Last updated December 12, 2017. Please visit the official site for the most up-to-date information.

Nutshell CRM Review

Cute isn't a word you'd usually think of with a CRM. Neither is whimsical. Yet Nutshell manages to pull off being a CRM that's both cute and whimsical, and will help you know little things about your contacts that you never would have known otherwise.

In a slight blast from the recent past of skeuomorphic interfaces, like the "real" paper in the iOS Notes app, Nutshell's interface almost looks like it could have been crafted with bits of paper and colored pencils. The effects are somewhat lessened on their mobile apps, yet still retain the hand-drawn feel. Email messages have a red and blue striped edge like old airmail envelopes, while notes have a yellow background and events look like ribbon bookmarks.

And yet, each little design touch has a purpose. Nutshell automatically imports your emails with contacts, if you want, and lets you easily add notes to collaborate with your team, log calls and meetings, and more. All that info in one place can easily get overwhelming—cluttered, even—if there's not a way to cut through the noise. Nutshell uses these visual cues to help you quickly locate, say, emails among the notes on a contact's page.

Perhaps more than distracting you, the more visual interface in Nutshell invites you to look around, where there's more info about your contacts packed into one place than you'll find in most apps. There's the usual contact info, sure, but you'll also find stats from their Twitter account, the current time and weather in their current location (which you'll also see in a stylized map in the top of their profile) and the last time that person was contacted. It's built around teamwork, so you'll see who added the contact, and with the email sync you'll know what was said last time. Now, you can get in touch, pick up the conversation where your colleague left it off, and schedule a meeting knowing for sure what timezone they're in.

Another place Nutshell's whimsical interface lets you do more is the dashboard. Sure, there's the normal reports that let you dive deep into data if you want, but most of the time, you'd like quick stats and actionable data without having to dig for it. And right here in the middle of a cute CRM is actionable data that helps you know how you and your team are performing.

There's the normal feed of activity that's happened across your team, as well as a secondary tab where you can see your upcoming appointments and tasks. Then, on the sidebar, you'll see quick metrics about your team—your stats on leads and sales versus the recent past, along with best performing team members—followed by your own personal stats. Here, you can see how many sales you were responsible for, among other activities. Everything's compared to the recent past, so you'll always have a quick way to know if you're improving.

For a CRM that's easy to learn how to use, it's hard to go wrong with Nutshell. It might look less serious than other CRMs, but it just might give you the extra data to perform better than its fancier competitors. And it might just make your life a bit more fun in the mean time.


Reviewed by Matthew Guay, Zapier. Last updated December 12, 2017.

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