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The 11 Best To Do List Apps in 2019

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Getting Things Done®: The 10 Best Apps for GTD®

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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 9, 2016

Ever gotten to the end of the day, only to realize that there was a priority task you had to do today but forgot about until now? Sometimes the most important thing isn't just getting things done—it's getting the right things done.

That's what Nozbe helps you do. It's a to-do list app, inspired by the Getting Things Done (or GTD) methodology which focuses on listing everything you have to do then organizing it in a way to easily see your next steps. GTD is typically designed for individual projects, but in Nozbe, you can use it to manage your entire team's tasks and projects.

You'll start off in your Nozbe Inbox, where you'll see any tasks that aren't in a project. Check off tasks as you complete them, tap the star icon to mark them as priority (aka things you need to do first), or click a task to add sub-tasks, notes, and attachments. Or, click the + icon on the bottom right to open the New Task pane.

Adding tasks should be simple in a GTD app, and Nozbe keeps the tradition going. Just type the task name and press Enter to add the task to the top of your list. Want to add it to the bottom of the list instead? Tap the arrow button on the left of the new task pane first, then press enter and the task will be added to the bottom of the list. To add more details—a due date, project, category, or team member—just type a # symbol followed by the name of the item you want to add. Nozbe will search through each of those items and recommend suggestions you can add to the task in a tap. Repeat that for each item you want added to the task.

Projects work just like any other task list. Add your tasks, drag-and-drop them into the order you want, and add collaborators to help finish the tasks. There's filter options to sort through tasks and find what you need, or a print button for a nicely formatted paper copy of your tasks. And if you make the same projects often, just head over to the Templates tab and make a template project that you can duplicate in a click with the tasks and details you need for each new project.

To keep things organized, there's labels on projects and categories on tasks. Labels let you filter projects by type, while categories let you do the same for tasks. Only with categories, you can select a color and icon for each one, to see which categories a task is in at a glance.

That's the tools you need to get your tasks done, but what about the data you have in other apps? Nozbe includes a Google Calendar sync to see your tasks on your calendar, as well as Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box integrations. You can use those to attach files and notes to tasks and projects, to keep everything together in one place. And, Nozbe integrates with Zapier to connect your tasks to hundreds of other apps, including CRM tools, email marketing platform, and much more.

Tasks and projects don't have to be so complicated. With Nozbe, you can use simple to-do list style features to keep track of everything you need to do, without ever having to worry that something important will fall through the cracks.

Nozbe Keyboard Shortcuts

Just tap the key inside Nozbe when no other text box is selected:

  • B - Add new task
  • C - Categories
  • D - Calendar
  • E - Edit current list
  • F - Search
  • I - Inbox
  • M - Templates
  • P - Projects
  • O - View New Comments
  • W - Team
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