When this happens...
StacklaNew Tile Claimed

Whether you find yourself checking Stackla too often to find out whether a user has claimed a tile via rights management or need to know the minute someone has claimed the tile, this automation will help you stay across your Stack regardless of where you are.

How It Works

  1. A user claims a tile within Stackla via rights by registration
  2. Zapier triggers a Notify my Android notification

What You Need

  • Stackla license
  • Notify my Android account

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When this happens...
then do this!
New Tile Tagged

Triggers when a tile has a tag applied to it.

Create Image Tile

Create a new image tile in Stackla.

New Tile Published

Triggers when a tile has its status changed to Publish.

Create Tag

Create a new tag in Stackla.

New Tile Claimed

Triggers when a content creator completes the Rights by Registration process.

Create Video Tile

Create a new video tile in Stackla.

Create Text Tile

Create a new text tile in Stackla.

Create Discovery Term

Create a new Discovery Term in Stackla.

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