Add new Omniconvert leads to Nimble as contacts

Whatever your company is offering, the sales department is a key factor in your success. You want to make sure your sales reps have enough leads every day and that they manage and nurture them in the most efficient way. Omniconvert's personalized pop-ups, surveys, and banners help you attract new, good quality leads, while Nimble gives your sales team the tools to build relationships and close the deal. This integration saves you time and mental energy as it automatically adds new leads captured with Omniconvert as new contacts in Nimble.

How this Omniconvert - Nimble integration works

  1. A new lead is added to Omniconvert
  2. Zapier creates new contacts in Nimble

Apps involved

  • Omniconvert
  • Nimble
Add new Omniconvert leads to Nimble as contacts
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Omniconvert is a conversion rate optimization platform. This app will enable the full power of Omniconvert on your store: A/B testing, user surveys, popup banners, advanced segmentation & more.

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Social CRM Simplified. With Nimble’s social CRM, easily manage all your contacts, communications, activities and sales in one single place.

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