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NiftyImages update · January 9, 2018

New Integration: Personalize Images in Your Email Campaigns with NiftyImages

Email marketing is all about capturing your customers' interest and providing them with relevant information, but creating personalized email campaigns is time-consuming. With NiftyImages, you can customize the images of your email campaigns for each recipient to provide a personalized touch. Instead of using an identical image for each more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated January 18, 2018

We're accustomed to getting customized emails, addressed to our first name and referencing the products we recently purchased. The best ones might surprise us, feeling so close to a custom email that we might not even notice the automation. And if you want to go to the next step, NiftyImages can even make your email graphics customized for each customer for an extra personal touch.

It's surprisingly easy to use. From NiftyImages' dashboard, you can create a new personalized image using a template or by uploading your own image (including animated GIFs if you'd like). Then add the text you want to include in the image, along with a tag like FIRSTNAME to dynamically replace with your customer's actual name (which you'll customize based on the app you'll use NiftyImages with—MailChimp, for instance, uses |FNAME|). You can choose from a variety of Google Fonts typefaces and pick the color you want for text—and include a drop shadow or stroke to stylize the text.

Then it's time to put it to use. NiftyImages will give you an image embed code like <img src="" /> that you can include in your email or website, replacing the FIRSTNAME with the real name using your email or CMS personalization features. When your customer opens the email, NiftyImages will dynamically create the image using the tag and show the customized image to each person as they open the email.

You can even use it to make live-updating images. Say you're running a social media campaign and want to show the newest photos that have been shared for your hashtag. NiftyImages can find those for you from Instagram and Pinterest. Just tell it a user or tag you want to find, along with how many images you want to show, and whenever someone opens their email, it'll find the latest images and show those in the message. Or, connect NiftyImages to Google Sheets or Zapier app integrations, and you can make images that show the latest info from your apps. It could show the latest images from your RSS feed, the current weather, survey responses, Tweets, and much more, dynamically updating the graphic whenever something new comes in.

Have an upcoming event—or want to offer a discount to customer for only a specific time after they open the email? NiftyImages can make a live countdown timer GIF, too, with the same options as a customized image. Just set the time you're counting down to in NiftyImages' settings, or choose to dynamically update the time and include that time in your emails' link. NiftyImages then will show customers a unique GIF that shows the time remaining on the timer based on when they open the email.

You could make personalized images for some emails, but it'd be hard to find the time to make them for all your customers—and far harder to make one that shows a countdown or live updated data based on when people open their emails. NiftyImages is a great way to build those graphics automatically, to grab your followers' attention and make personalized emails that encourage people to take action.

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