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But Namely isn't just built to make life better for HR teams. The employee-facing side of the platform is designed to empower and enable workers to better manage their careers and relationships with their employers. When employees log in to Namely, they gain visibility into things like vacation time remaining, performance review history, and summary of current benefits. And if changes, requests, or actions are needed, this is all self-service. The profile page serves as the hub for submitting time-off requests, viewing work schedules, or tracking percentage completion of an annual goal. If an employee moves, they can simply change their address on their profile, and HR will automatically be notified so that appropriate actions can be taken, like adjusting tax withholdings for the worker's new state. Even a majority of the new hire onboarding process can be automated and completed via self-service workflows and digital signature capabilities.

Finally, Namely offers robust reporting and data visualization capabilities that allow company leaders to gain insights into multiple facets of how their employees and teams are doing. This can range from the granular level of how a specific worker is performing relative their goals, to high-level analytics about how diverse the overall company is. With the report creation wizard, you can customize and build a report that can then be visualized and saved onto a dashboard. Leaders and executives can track and analyze key HR metrics like average onboarding time, median employee tenure, or percentage of underrepresented minorities within the company as a whole.

To monitor the progress of a specific work team, managers can select the Team option at the top of the menu bar. There, you'll find things like goals for the month or quarter, what metrics the team is being measured by, and whether or not they're on track at present. Designated managers or executives can also view individual employee compensation, goals, and progress within the People tab, and even initiate a wage/salary increase to take place immediately or on a specified future date.

Namely's all-in-one approach simplifies operations and saves time for HR teams and departments of mid-sized companies. Namely also makes typically painful employee-side HR tasks like onboarding and open enrollment a breeze, so they can focus more on their work. And with Namely's powerful analytics and reporting, supervisors, managers, and executive leaders can gain powerful insights into how their company is performing—and what they can potentially do to raise the bar even higher.

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