Add new Zoho Forms submissions to MySQL as rows

Forget about the tedious job of data entry with the Zoho Forms-MySQL integration. Save valuable time by having the data from your forms automatically moved to rows in your MySQL database. Don't waste another minute updating your database; it's all taken care of.

Note: This Zapier integration do not add rows in MySQL for already submitted entries, only for new submissions after you've set it up.

How this Zoho Forms-MySQL integration works

  1. A new entry is submitted to Zoho Forms
  2. Zapier adds a row in MySQL

Apps involved

  • Zoho Forms
  • MySQL
Add new Zoho Forms submissions to MySQL as rows
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Zoho Forms is a free online form builder that lets you create custom forms, receive responses by email, and collaborate with your team.

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MySQL is a premier database used in millions of production environments around the world. Easily plug your MySQL database into any web service.

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