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Email +1Email, Google

Google Sheets

Google +1Google, Spreadsheets

Connect MonkeyLearn to 1,500+ Apps

  • Add tags to new Evernote notes with MonkeyLearn classification

    Evernote + MonkeyLearn + Evernote

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  • Analyze HARO requests with MonkeyLearn and get notifications for relevant ones via Slack

    RSS by Zapier + MonkeyLearn + Slack

  • Classify new RSS posts with MonkeyLearn and add them to Google Sheets

    RSS by Zapier + MonkeyLearn + Google Sheets

  • Analyze new rows in Google Sheets with MonkeyLearn

    Google Sheets + MonkeyLearn + Google Sheets

  • Label new Gmail emails based on MonkeyLearn classification [Business Gmail Accounts Only]

    Gmail + MonkeyLearn + Gmail

MonkeyLearn Integration Details

Launched on Zapier:

The following MonkeyLearn Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


Classify Text

Classifies a text. Eg: topic, sentiment, etc.

Upload Training Data

Uploads training data to a classifier. It may or may not be tagged.

Extract Text

Extracts data from text and does other transformations. Eg: find keywords, clean up emails, etc.

Connect MonkeyLearn to 1,500+ Apps

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