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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated July 18, 2018

Ever wished you could have someone read through your support emails and let you know what they're about—and who's really upset and likely should get the quickest reply? Or want a way to know the broad topics popping up in the news today most, without having to read every headline?

That's one of the best potentials of AI—computers can do tasks you'd never have time to do otherwise, helping you do your best work. And with MonkeyLearn, that's possible today.

MonkeyLearn is a text analysis tool that uses machine learning to identify topics, languages, sentiments, categories, and more automatically. Once you've trained it with your data, MonkeyLearn can identify anything you want—and let you know how confident the tool is with its predications.

You'll start out either by building your own modules, or starting with a pre-made module from MonkeyLearn's team and community. The latter includes tools to classify news by topic, businesses by industry, or Tweets by sentiment. You can use them to identify abusive comments, extract addresses or keywords from text, or detect languages automatically—and much more. Select one you'd like to use, and MonkeyLearn lets you test it with plain text or a file upload. Or, for production use, you can use that pre-made classifier via API, or with MonkeyLearn's Zapier integrations, adding that classifier's ID (the text in its URL after /classifiers/, such as cl_ZGZ8yjep) as a custom value in your Zap.

Or, you can build your own classifiers—the best way to identify text specific to your business needs. Add a name, then select whether you're categorizing topics, finding sentiment, or classifying any other criteria—including extracting text. You'll then add some data to MonkeyLearn, to teach it what to recognize. You can upload a CSV or Excel spreadsheet file, or connect it to Twitter, Facebook, Slack, or Gmail to check data you already have in your apps. Or, connect it to an RSS feed to pull data from your website. You can then add categories, tag your content with those categories, and once you have enough data MonkeyLearn will let you turn your text analysis on and use it via integrations or API.

MonkeyLearn's not perfect, especially when multiple topics could fit the text in question. Its language detection suggested the phrase Hi! was French when we expected it to think it'd be English (where one word didn't give it enough context to confidently choose the correct language), and a news topic mentioning Asian and Middle Eastern countries was tagged only as Middle East with its news detection (where MonkeyLearn returns the topic it feels most confident the text features most prominently). It's places like theses—or with topics that your module hasn't seen yet—where it'll break the most, and in places like this that it'll show less confidence so you can know how much to trust it. You can train it with your data, give longer text strings for better predictions, or build multi-label classifiers to get more than just the most prominent result. With training, and especially with the most straightforward topics, MonkeyLearn will give you data insights in far less time than your team could generate them on their own, and it'll get better over time.

Check MonkeyLearn's documentation to build your own text analysis automations.

Originally published July 13, 2017; updated July 18, 2018 with new screenshots, pricing, and feature details

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MonkeyLearn Features

  • Automatically analyze text for sentiment, topic, language, keyword, and more
  • Train MonkeyLearn to recognize data that your team uses
  • Import data via spreadsheet, RSS, or app integrations
  • Use pre-made modules to quickly build your own analysis tools
  • Access analysis via API or Zapier integration

MonkeyLearn Pricing

  • Free for 1 custom model and 300 queries per month
  • $299/month Teams plan for 3 custom models, 30k queries per month, and medium API speed
  • $999/month Business plan for 10 custom modules, 300k queries per month, and high API speed
  • Enterprise and on-premise plans available

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MonkeyLearn is an AI platform that allows you to classify and extract actionable data from raw texts like emails, chats, webpages, documents, tweets and more! You can classify texts with custom categories or tags like sentiment or topic, and extract any particular data like organizations or keywords.

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