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Organization and clear collaboration are two things Minute-it is built for. The Dashboard, for instance, gives you a definite overview of two important things: How many meetings and actions or tasks you’ve done for the week, and how many meetings and actions are scheduled for the future. To the right is an activity feed where you can see all of the updates and activities done in relation to each scheduled meeting. This is a huge time-saver because you can address issues or respond to questions or requests right away, and not have to address these things at the meeting itself.

A built-in calendar serves as your workspace where you can see all of your meetings scheduled for the day, week, and month. You can import .ics files to bring external meeting events to Minute-it, and you can easily drag and drop meetings to reschedule. The design feels familiar if you frequent Google Calendar, so it shouldn’t be difficult adjusting to the app’s environment.

Creating meetings is where Minute-it’s power lies. It’s designed to give you full control over every aspect of the meeting, even after scheduling it into the calendar. As soon as the ”Create new meeting“ modal pops up, you can specify the meeting title and description, location, time and date, invitees (e.g. attendees only, department, organization) and the duration of each meeting agenda. You can even create recurring meetings if you need to connect with your team on a weekly or monthly basis. Finally, you can indicate call details, share meeting links, and upload meeting files right away so everything is available once your team gathers for the meeting.

Once you’ve saved your meeting, you can specify actions or tasks that you can assign to members in preparation for the upcoming meeting. If a person is able to fulfill the action, you can tick it off of the list. This saves time and effort, keeping the meeting short and straightforward.

Under the hood are additional features designed to boost meeting productivity. Templates, for example, allow you to create copies of frequently scheduled meetings, so you don’t have to create each one from scratch. Meet Now is another feature where you can create and schedule meetings in less than a minute. If you’re always on the go, Minute-it Assistant or ”MIA“ takes care of all of your meeting agenda through your mobile phone. Think of MIA as a specialized Siri made just for your meetings. If you’re interested in how much time has been spent on meetings, the Reports feature offers a comprehensive overview of how productive and effective your meetings have been. These are based on the total number of meetings attended, actions taken, and meeting hours spent.

Since we all work with different calendar apps, integrations are an essential feature to Minute-it. Luckily, the app is fully integrated with popular apps like Google Calendar and Office 365, as well as Zapier to automate common Minute-it tasks, such as creating meetings, adding and copying actions, and syncing meetings and actions across platforms. If you’re using Slack to communicate with your team members, Minute-it’s Slack integration allows you export your meeting summaries and notify team members about upcoming meetings.

Overall, Minute-it simplifies the process of bringing your organization together for short but necessary facetime. It promotes simplicity and organization, so that meetings can be harnessed to clarify direction and increase your team’s overall productivity. You never have to dread another meeting ever again.

Minute-it Resources:

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