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It starts off with your meetings, which you can import from Google Calendar or Office 365, or add manually on your own. You can set up minutes for individual events or recurring ones—with some special features for the latter.

Then, before your meeting, you'll jump into the Minute slot for that event and add your Agenda items. List each thing you'd like to discuss—and optionally add a time for the discussion to keep things moving along, and assign it to someone on your team so they'll be prepared to talk. Depending on your plan, you can also include sub-agenda items to break down a larger topic.

Need files for your meeting? Just add them to the Documents section of your agenda—and with a Premium plan you can annotate those files inside Minute.

Once your meeting starts, have your entire team open the Minute for this event. That way, everyone will be able to see what's going on, and add their own notes about the event. You can include public notes that everyone can see, or your own private notes to keep track of things you need to remember or follow up.

As the meeting progresses, you'll likely make some decisions and talk about things that need to be completed to push your ideas forward. Add those under the notes, with tasks that can include due dates and be assigned to others on your team, along with Decisions where you can list the final outcome of your discussion about each thing on your agenda.

Between this meeting and the next, your team will have time to look back over the notes and check off tasks. If anything's left, those extra tasks will automatically be pulled into the next event in a recurring series of meetings. That way, you'll never forget about pushing your ideas forward from one meeting to the next.

Minute makes it easy to look through your past meetings, but you can also take your notes with you. Each meeting minute can be shared via email or saved to Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Office 365 so you can keep your notes right along with your other important documents.

The important thing about writing notes before and during a meeting is that you actually end up accomplishing what you set out to discuss. With Minute's tools to turn notes into tasks and then pull uncompleted items forward into the next meeting, your meetings will stay focused and productive—without any extra work to copy and paste tasks from the last event.

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