Add MS Dynamics leads for new people on Sellf

If you use Sellf as your CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your sales pipeline, keep all of your contacts organized using this Zap. It sends Sellf people to Microsoft Dynamics CRM as leads, so there's no confusion about where each of your customers stands.

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't export already registered people to Dynamics, only new people after you've set it up.

How this Sellf-Microsoft Dynamics integration works

  1. You add a new person to your Sellf account
  2. Zapier adds that person to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM account as a new lead

Apps involved

  • Sellf
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Add MS Dynamics leads for new people on Sellf
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Sellf is the Runkeeper for sales, a CRM software for deal makers. Manage prospects, customers and deals, organize your time and collaborate with your team.

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Dynamics CRM is a leading customer resource management and enterprise resource planning software.

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