Microsoft Dynamics CRM (For use with Dynamics version 8)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (For use with Dynamics version 8) - Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Matthew Guay
Reviewed by Matthew Guay
Last updated January 23, 2018

Data on its own is just text and numbers. Bits. The magic happens when you put stuff together. The all-important part of CRM is the relationship. That's what makes a CRM so much more powerful than an address book. It's no longer just a set of addresses and phone numbers—connect everything, and you get a rich network of team members in a company and the clients specific people on your company have worked with and the deals you've won this month. Combine that with your customer support, sales, finance, and other data, and you'll have even more chance to find surprising connections and plan better for the future.

That's the idea behind Microsoft Dynamics 365, the latest version of Microsoft's popular Dynamics CRM. It's now a web app that your team can use to store almost any data you want then remix it into dashboards and custom apps. It's the database-powered tool that can be whatever your company needs.

You'll start with Dynamics' pre-made apps for sales, customer service, field service, retail, talent, and more. Either use just the app you need, or with Dynamics' bundled plans you can get sets of apps that fit your business needs. Each tool includes a similar interface, centered on a dashboard with Excel-style graphs to visualize your info, forms to add new items, and lists of data to sort and filter.

Even as a web app, it's familiar if you've used any Microsoft Office apps, with similar toolbars, icons, and menus. And it all works together. Click a contact's name on an invoice, for instance, and it'll open the same data you see in their deal page from your sales app. Add product to your inventory, and you can easily add it on to an invoice. Most items will open in a new browser window without an address bar, too, so you can see contacts without leaving your dashboard with a more PC-like feel. Dynamics even works with Office. You can add Excel and Word document templates, then have Dynamics automatically fill in those templates with the data you have on customers, sales, and more.

The core Dynamics apps include the most features, with detailed data-driven workflows built around standard processes. You'll also find other, simpler apps in the main Dymanics dashboard, with apps to quickly view your contacts or tasks, say, without having to dig through all of your Dynamics data. With Microsoft's Power BI integration, you can get insights from your data and build more customized reports. Can't find a tool for just what you need? With Microsoft's PowerApps—included with most Dynamics plans—you can build your own apps that use your existing Dynamics or their own data. It's like a modern version of Microsoft Access for a simpler way to build form and database powered apps for anything you need.

You'll likely rely on Dynamics' own apps, especially at first, as you learn your way and find what you need. Then as your team grows and you use Dynamics for more things, you'll likely end up with an entire suite of online apps that work together, organizing your contacts and more in a CRM and app builder in one that can do whatever you need.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM (For use with Dynamics version 8) Features

  • Manage your company's contact, support, sales, marketing, and other data in one place
  • Visualize data with dashboards and charts that are easy to configure
  • Automate data processes with workflows
  • Create new database-powered apps from the info already in your CRM
  • Create template Word and Excel files from data for quick reports
  • iOS, Android, Windows, and Web apps available

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (For use with Dynamics version 8) Pricing

  • $95/month per user for Individual Apps plan for one app: sales, customer service, project service automation, or field service
  • $115/month per user Customer Engagement plan for full features from Dynamics sales, customer service, project service autoamtion, field service, social engagement, and PowerApps tools
  • $190/month per user Unified Operations plan for full features from Dynamics finance and operations, retail, talent, and PowerApps tools
  • from $210/month per user Dynamics 365 plan for full features from all Dynamics apps

$8/month per user Team Member plan to view data and reports and add basic details

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