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Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie Gonzaga · Last updated April 18, 2017
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Your brand limits its growth if it simply waits for customers to come and buy. You need instead to step forward expand your brand's reach. But how?

Social media, online reviews, and influential websites can be some of the most valuable sources of new traffic to your site—and one of the best ways to grow your influence is to reach out to those who cover you and work with them for future content. To do that, you'd need to monitor every site that might talk about you—a time-consuming and costly undertaking.

Or, you could use an app like Mention, a brand monitoring platform that tracks every mentions of your brand and helps you respond. It helps you listen to the entire internet, plug in the holes in your outreach strategy, and nurture customer relationships—which in turn helps you make smart marketing decisions.

Mention gathers information about your brand from alerts. These are keywords or a combination of keywords created in relation to your brand—perhaps your product names, feature set, company details, and industry keywords, or could be your competitor's keywords to see what people say about them. These inform you about what people say or feel about your brand and your competitors. You can then monitor all of this without constantly switching between tools or flooding your inbox with irrelevant results.

There are three types of alerts to create: Your company or product’s online presence, mentions and news coverage about a competitor, or keyword-based alerts. You can create one or more of these alerts, which are managed under the Feed section of the platform. Mentions are then segregated into different inboxes so you can filter and prioritize mentions that are valuable to your brand.

If you’re looking for more accurate results without the five-keyword limit, you’ll want to use Mention’s Boolean search feature instead. You can include and exclude an unlimited number of keywords to reduce the noise and focus solely on the mentions that matter the most to your campaign. This tutorial shares a variety of operators you can use to refine your Boolean searches, as well as examples of good queries to use.

What makes Mention valuable to brands is the ability to react to mentions, whether that’s assigning them to the marketing team, sharing on your social media channels, or tagging them for future campaigns. Mention lets you connect your social media accounts so you can respond to mentions right from the app. This quickens your average response time and creates opportunities to interact with potential customers in real time. You can connect your brand’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Buffer accounts to monitor and respond to all of your social media interactions daily.

Overtime, Mention generates detailed analyses and insights based on your alerts. Dashboard is a feature that lets you tune in on how your brand is performing within a specific time period. It also lets you see how your brand performs in comparison to your competitors. Measure your alerts by volume overtime, source locations, languages, sources, and daily activity. These enable you to hone in on what you need to tweak and focus on when creating your next marketing campaign. Simply click on ”Dashboard“ at the top menu to choose your preferred dashboard. You can create a blank dashboard and select your preferred visualizations, or use an analysis template to get started right away.

Tapping into your biggest and most effective influencers can boost your brand’s reach tremendously. The key is to identify these influencers against other names that wouldn’t be a good fit. Based on your alerts, Mention helps you locate these influencers through three different channels: Twitter, Instagram, and the web. Influencers are listed in a table where they are ranked based on the influencer score, topics, reach, interactions, and more. Mention enables you to take action on these influencers depending on where they are sourced. For instance, you can follow, reply, or block Twitter influencers. If you need to export a copy of your influencer data, you can click on the export button beside the duration drop down menu.

Equipped with the tools to make smart marketing decisions, Mention empowers entrepreneurs to grow their brand by understanding and responding to both customers and influencers in real time. In doing so, people will remember and reference your brand, thus creating opportunities to build loyalty and meaningful partnerships with influencers who truly care about your brand’s success.

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Mention Features

  • Monitor web and social media sources in real time to see what people say about your brand and products online

    • Act and respond to brand mentions on social media
    • Identify and track your competitors to see how they perform vs. your brand
    • Use Boolean search to cut the noise and focus on the keywords that matter to your brand
    • Analyze your stats in Dashboards that inform you about how your brand is perceived by customers and influencers

Mention Pricing

  • $29/month Solo plan for 2 basic alerts, 3,000 mentions, and 1 user

    • $99/month Starter plan for 5 basic alerts, 5,000 mentions, and 3 users
    • Custom company plan for Boolean alerts, custom mentions, and unlimited users

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