Add new Megaventory clients as persons in Pipedrive

Rather than having to transfer manually each client and their associated information from the various fields in Megaventory to their respective entities in Pipedrive use Zapier to automate the process to a large extent. This zap pushes a new Client from Megaventory into the Pipedrive Person entity complete with all the information which has been already filled in Megaventory. That way it's really fast and easy to have updated information in Pipedrive while avoiding double entry and that way making more informed decisions when selling new deals to them.

How It Works

  1. A new client is added to Megaventory
  2. Zapier adds a person in Pipedrive

What You Need

  • Megaventory account
  • Pipedrive account
Add new Megaventory clients as persons in Pipedrive
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