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It sounds complicated, but is actually simple. Projects in Mavenlink are just lists of tasks, arranged like points in an outline. Just type in plain text tasks, drag-and-drop them into the order and hierarchy you need, then fill out any extra data in spreadsheet-like rows where you can track due dates, tags and more. Have a standard project format? Just setup the tasks, then save it as a template you can reuse again later.

Once everything's in place, you can see the deadlines and progress on a gantt chart. Link dependent tasks—or just arrange them underneath a task as sub-tasks—and Mavenlink will update the schedule, showing when the task will really get completed after waiting for all the sub-tasks.

Then, it's time to schedule your work. Each project includes a budget and number of hours, and Mavelink will make sure each team member doesn't have too many tasks assigned across all of your projects. You can zoom out and see every project from the main projects list, or dive into the planning pages to see a gantt chart that combines all of the projects, or a card view that shows tasks for each team member for the near future. There's even reports on team utilization, your profit margin, and more to keep track of how your overall business is doing.

But then, when it's time to do the work, it's the little things that count. Each task in Mavenlink, for instance, includes comments, checklists, and other info. There's a tab for each item, to click between them, or you can just scroll down and they'll each display in-line, similar to a website with links that jump to a specific part of the page. Or, want to focus on specific parts of the project? Just click the arrow on top-level folders to hide their sub-tasks, or use filters to drill down and see the tasks you need to work on next.

It's little touches like this that make Mavelink a productive and easy-to-use project manager. For your day-to-day work, it's as easy to use as a to-do list or outline app. And when you need to plan your broader projects, it pulls everything together so you can plan your broad schedule and budget effectively. It's as powerful or simple as you need it to be.

Learn more about project management with our Project Management 101 guide.

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Mavenlink Pricing

  • Free plan for basic task features

  • $19/month Teams plan for 5 users with core project management features

  • $29/month per user Professional plan for full project management features, with core accounting and resource planning features

  • Custom pricing for Premier and Enterprise plans with full features

Mavenlink Features

  • Plan projects in task lists and gantt charts

  • Drag-and-drop tasks to order them in an outline hierarchy

  • Create templates for your standard projects to reuse easily

  • See project "health" based on time and finance budgets

  • Schedule all projects together with a continuous timeline

  • Time and expense tracking with invoicing

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