Add new Unbounce form submissions as MarketVolt recipients

Get the most out of your landing page conversions by including them in your email marketing efforts. This Zapier automation will add new submissions from Unbounce as recipients in MarketVolt. Plan out the whole life cycle of your conversions by subscribing them to your nurturing email campaigns.

How It Works

  1. A new form submission is made in Unbounce
  2. Zapier creates a new recipient in MarketVolt

What You Need

  • Unbounce account
  • MarketVolt account
Add new Unbounce form submissions as MarketVolt recipients
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Unbounce makes it crazy simple to do landing pages without a dedicated developer. Just drag and drop via their editor and create incredible landing pages in minutes.

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Better Emails - Better Results MarketVolt's email marketing software empowers you to create, send and track great-looking, engaging and professional emails. With MarketVolt you will attract leads, convert them into clients and build lasting relationships.

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