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Mailshake mention · December 13, 2018

The 30 Fastest Growing Business Apps in 2018

Bundles are back. For years, web apps prompted a great unbundling of software, with a focus on apps that did one thing well. That changed in 2018. Adobe added Marketo and Magento to their wide-ranging suite of apps, Microsoft acquired GitHub, and Google built the new Hangouts Team Chat more
Mailshake mention · December 14, 2017

Best of 2017: 30 Web Apps and Software Trends That Ruled the Workplace

Each year the Zapier team publishes an updated version of this report. Check the latest list of Fastest Growing Apps for this year. Sometimes new isn't new, it's just a better version of the old thing. Spreadsheets, for instance, are ancient—the first software people often bought more
Mailshake update · August 18, 2017

New App: Use Mailshake to Boost Cold Email Engagement

Without the right tools, cold outreach can be a grind. Manage your cold email outreach with intelligent tools that automate and personalize your messaging with Mailshake. You can customize the content and preview each email in your campaign, schedule automated follow-ups, and monitor activity to track how your campaigns more

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