Mailchimp Updates

Mailchimp mention · July 11, 2019

Connect ClickFunnels to Mailchimp

Connect ClickFunnels to Mailchimp to Automatically Add New Contacts as Subscribers Add Mailchimp subscribers from new contacts in Clickfunnels: read more
Mailchimp mention · July 11, 2019

Connect Google Sheets to Mailchimp

Connect Google Sheets to Mailchimp: Add Subscribers from New Rows Create new subscribers in Mailchimp when a row updates in Google Sheets: read more
Mailchimp mention · October 25, 2018

Email Marketing Software Showdown: Constant Contact vs. MailChimp

Decades after its invention, email remains one of the most powerful marketing channels for small businesses. With millions of email users opening 20% of emails from marketers and returning an estimated $38 for every $1 spent by marketers, email marketing is no joke. While other channels come and go, more
Mailchimp mention · August 28, 2018

Ruler Analytics Uses Automation to Democratize Data with Customers

"As different problems arise, I often find Zapier has a solution."Ian Leadbetter, Directer, Ruler Analytics Data matters. It's how you can tell if your marketing campaigns pay off, and which ones offer the most return on your investment and where to focus next time. But if that data more
Mailchimp mention · August 8, 2018

Zapier Saves a Startup's Founder 40 Hours—Each Month

"Zapier saves me at least 40 hours a month. And as we plan to grow, we will rely more on Zapier."Swapnil Wale, Founder & Director, Techno-PMAs digital products become more common, product delivery has to be even more reliable than the mail—after all, we live in an more
Mailchimp mention · July 10, 2018

How a Real Estate Broker Uses Automation to Reduce Follow-Up Time by 90%

Our stories explore how Zapier's users solve common problems. From marketers to CEOs, educators to real estate agents, millions use Zapier to automate their most tedious tasks. If you haven't yet, try Zapier for free to see what we're all about. "Zapier, I learned, should've been my first route, more
Mailchimp mention · June 1, 2018

Financial Planners Save $200 Every Week with Zapier

How much is your time worth? Here's a thought experiment: If you offered out your services—maybe that's editing, support, sales, engineering—at an hourly rate, what would you charge? Now that you have a number, what are some of the tasks that take you the most amount of time? If you' more
Mailchimp mention · January 22, 2018

Museum Hack Uses Automated Workflows with Base CRM to Leave Manual Work Behind

Humans are inherently curious. It's a big part of what makes us, well, human. That's why insider information and a look behind-the-scenes leads to best-selling books and award-winning films. Entire TV series have been dedicated to the making of an album. But what about museum exhibits? It's not too more

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