Copy new MailChimp subscribers to Revue

Using multiple newsletter apps? Save yourself the trouble of double entry by setting up this Zapier automation. It will then trigger with each new subscriber logged on MailChimp, adding them to your personal Revue newsletter as well so you can rely on catching everyone with zero effort.

How this MailChimp-Revue integration works

  1. A new subscriber is added to MailChimp
  2. Zapier adds the subscriber to your Revue personal newsletter

Apps involved

  • MailChimp
  • Revue
Copy new MailChimp subscribers to Revue
MailChimp integration logo

Share your ideas with MailChimp email newsletters—then use its landing page and form builders to grow your lists and take marketing further with drip and transactional emails.

Revue integration logo

Revue lets you easily share everything you find online via your personal newsletter.

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