Create new MailChimp subscribers from new Parserr emails

Are you spending a lot of time copying and pasting contact and potential subscriber details out of emails and into MailChimp? Setting up this integration allows you to parse incoming emails and email attachments and automatically capture the extracted information as new subscribers in MailChimp.

Note: This Zapier integration won't create new subscribers for Parserr emails already received, only emails after the setup of this integration.

How this Parserr-MailChimp integration works

  1. Parserr parses a new email
  2. Zapier adds a new subscriber to MailChimp

Apps involved

  • Parserr
  • Mailchimp
Create new MailChimp subscribers from new Parserr emails
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Parserr allows you to turn incoming emails into useful data to use in various other 3rd party systems.

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Share your ideas with MailChimp email newsletters—then use its landing page and form builders to grow your lists and take marketing further with drip and transactional emails.

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