Subscribe new Nearby Now customers to MailChimp

Keeping your mailing lists updated ensures your newest customers always hear about your services. Save yourself the trouble of adding them all the time by setting up this integration. From then on, it will trigger with every new customer on Nearby Now, subscribing them to the appropriate list on MailChimp so you never have to do it yourself.

Note: This Zap will fail if the Nearby Now review was requested by SMS instead of email. You can add a Filter step to step to only run if an email is found—ask your team to only request reviews via email if you want to integrate with MailChimp

How this Nearby Now-MailChimp integration works

  1. A new review is received in Nearby Now, which creates a new customer
  2. Zapier subscribes them to a list in MailChimp

Apps involved

  • Nearby Now
  • MailChimp
Subscribe new Nearby Now customers to MailChimp
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Nearby Now's powerful marketing platform drives hyperlocal results for your own website by helping you secure more reviews and create rich local checkins.

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Share your ideas with MailChimp email newsletters—then use its landing page and form builders to grow your lists and take marketing further with drip and transactional emails.

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