Lob Updates

Lob update · September 11, 2018

New for Our Lob Integration: Support for USPS Standard Mail

The new USPS Standard mail option is a cheaper but slower mail class option—great for postcards or general letters. Zapier's Lob integrations now let you choose to send your mail via USPS Standard mail. Use this mail class option when time sensitivity is not a priority and you...read more
Lob update · March 20, 2018

New for Our Lob Integration: Use Zaps to Verify and Enrich Addresses

Addresses are a key component to a great customer experience. Get the wrong address and you've got a lost coupon, a returned package, or a forgotten bill. Fret no more, now you can use Lob's address verification API with Zapier to verify, automatically correct, standardize, and enrich addresses...read more
Lob update · September 4, 2017

New for Lob: Standardize and Correct Address Details

When it comes to delivering mail, it's never a good idea to leave things to chance and hope for the best. Now that Zapier integrates with Lob's newest API version, when you use Zaps like these to send mail to your customers, Lob will automatically clean and standardize...read more
Lob update · June 21, 2017

New for Lob: Use Zaps to Specify Address Details

There's a time and place for secret admirer letters, but customer communication isn't one of them. The latest update to the Lob-Zapier integration lets you specify both the to and from addresses when sending mail. Use a Zap to pass address details along automatically from your CRM or...read more
Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie GonzagaLast updated August 7, 2018

Monthly billing statements, company newsletters, the occasional birthday postcard—the sheer volume and frequency of direct mail can slow down even the most efficient marketing teams. These offline business processes are just as expensive when you consider the number of envelopes that go missing or are tossed into the bin due to unverified addresses or printing errors.

What if you could solve these problems by standardizing customer addresses and tracking all of your mailings in one dashboard? Lob's API-driven platform achieves this by automating address verification and direct mail delivery, reducing errors and saving you time from handling each task manually. By configuring your existing tools to send API requests to Lob's platform, you can print and send postcards, business letters, and checks to your customers without worrying about spending another dollar on undelivered mail.

Unlike email, there's no Undo button when things go wrong with direct mail. Lob's dashboard provides a safe test environment where you can create new templates, send API requests, and verify customer addresses. When you're ready to deploy, switch to the live environment by clicking on the dropdown menu just above the API request volume graph. You'll only be able to send live API requests once you upgrade to any of the paid plans.

Lob currently supports three types of direct mail: postcards, letters, and checks. Each document is printed and sent on demand based on defined events or user actions, letting everything run in the background for you. You can create and send personalized birthday postcards, for example, to wish your customers a happy birthday. And since Lob validates a customer's physical address and tracks all delivered mail, you can monitor each mail's delivery status until it arrives at your customer's doorstep.

Creating a new individual postcard or letter can be done within the dashboard itself. For postcards, you'll need to select the size, the to and from addresses, and the image files for the front and back of the postcard. Lob provides template guidelines to ensure that your letters, postcards, and checks are aligned and printed correctly the moment they're sent to Lob's network of verified printers. If you need design ideas, you can check out the Template Gallery and download the HTML code you need to start your project.

Lob checks, corrects, and verifies your customer's physical address to ensure that every piece of mail arrives at its destination. U.S. addresses in particular undergo thorough cleansing and validation thanks to Lob's USPS-certified U.S. Address Verification API. Depending on the verification result, you can choose whether to accept all incoming addresses or restrict deliverability to compliant addresses based on your U.S. Address Strictness settings.

Once mail is sent, it's tracked and monitored within the new Mail Analytics dashboard. You can see how many letters, postcards, and checks were sent, are in transit, are re-routed or returned to sender, and how many are processed for delivery. You can then filter your insights further to compare deliverability among different campaigns, areas, and recipients. With this information on hand, you can make informed decisions to further improve your campaigns and, ultimately, your customers' experience with your company.

If you find that direct mail tops the charts in your expense reports, it may be time to optimize your offline business operations. With Lob, you can automatically create, send, and track every piece of mail delivered, all while gaining insights on where your mail goes and how to improve your next campaign.

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