Lob Updates

Lob update · September 11, 2018

New for Our Lob Integration: Support for USPS Standard Mail

The new USPS Standard mail option is a cheaper but slower mail class option—great for postcards or general letters. Zapier's Lob integrations now let you choose to send your mail via USPS Standard mail. Use this mail class option when time sensitivity is not a priority and you'd like to...read more
Lob update · March 20, 2018

New for Our Lob Integration: Use Zaps to Verify and Enrich Addresses

Addresses are a key component to a great customer experience. Get the wrong address and you've got a lost coupon, a returned package, or a forgotten bill. Fret no more, now you can use Lob's address verification API with Zapier to verify, automatically correct, standardize, and enrich addresses your customers...read more
Lob update · September 4, 2017

New for Lob: Standardize and Correct Address Details

When it comes to delivering mail, it's never a good idea to leave things to chance and hope for the best. Now that Zapier integrates with Lob's newest API version, when you use Zaps like these to send mail to your customers, Lob will automatically clean and standardize the address...read more
Lob update · June 21, 2017

New for Lob: Use Zaps to Specify Address Details

There's a time and place for secret admirer letters, but customer communication isn't one of them. The latest update to the Lob-Zapier integration lets you specify both the to and from addresses when sending mail. Use a Zap to pass address details along automatically from your CRM or invoicing tool...read more

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