Create RD Station leads from new LiveChat chats

Instead of manually copying contact information from LiveChat and pasting into RD Station as leads, save time and energy by letting this Zapier integration do it for you. After it's set up, new LiveChat chats will create leads in RD Station.

How It Works

  1. A new chat begins in LiveChat
  2. Zapier adds this contact as a lead in RD Station

What You Need

  • LiveChat account
  • RD Station account
Create RD Station leads from new LiveChat chats
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LiveChat is the faster way to contact your customers. It is a web-based chat tool that lets you chat with your website visitors.

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RD Station is a complete digital marketing platform to help you generate more results in traffic generation, leads, sales for your business, and to build a solid digital marketing presence.

This app is available only in Portuguese.

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