LiveChat - Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie GonzagaLast updated April 11, 2016

Happy customers are a sure sign that your business is on the right track. Providing a pleasant experience for your customers means paying close attention to what they’re looking for, what they’re struggling with, and what they need from you. What better way to do so than to get in touch with your visitors as soon as they visit your website?

LiveChat is a no-nonsense customer support system that encourages your customers to contact you when they need help—directly from any page on your site. It empowers you with the tools you need to respond to new visitors as they come by, and to regular customers when they need your assistance. With speed and timeliness at your side, you can respond to problems quicker, gather buyer information, and increase sales.

A typical LiveChat window sits on the bottom right side of your website. Its subtle design makes it non-intrusive yet convenient enough to click when you need to speak to someone. And even if you or your agents are not online, LiveChat saves your customer’s questions and concerns as tickets for a later reply from your team via the LiveChat dashboard.

LiveChat’s default design options are simple enough to get you started. You can however customize the look-and-feel of your chat window to match your website’s branding. You can also utilize engagement tools to encourage visitors to contact you. Eye-catchers, for instance, are graphics that you can position above your chat window so people will know where to click to contact you. Greetings are another engagement tool where you can schedule personalized messages to appear based on specified rules, such as the number of pages visited, the number of seconds spent on the website, and the like. It's easy to customize each of these to fit your branding and message

What makes LiveChat a fantastic tool for customer engagement and business growth is the Reports feature. This is where all of your customer support information is displayed in an organized manner, and where you can determine if you are consistently providing positive experiences for your customers. You’ll receive reports for both Chats and Tickets, both segregated further based on customer satisfaction, availability, resolution, and other valuable data categories. And even with all this data to manage, LiveChat’s design and structure of each report is clean, clear, and easy to understand. You know exactly what you’re looking at and what to do with the data presented.

And if that's not enough data, LiveChat integrates with hundreds of other apps to pull your CRM, email marketing, analytics and other data into one interface. There's also mobile and desktop apps, so you can reply to customer's questions in native apps on any device.

LiveChat's pricing then scales well for small to medium businesses, as you pay per seat, or the number of people logged into LiveChat at any given time. That way, your team could swap out and help with tickets, with all-hands support, and only pay for your average number of agents. And if you have a weekend support team, you won't need more accounts for them as your existing "seats" will already be empty.

LiveChat’s strengths lie in its easy-to-use interface and a full range of features that ensure your customers arrive and leave satisfied. Whether you’ve just launched your business or have assembled a team of agents for your growing customer base, you can use LiveChat to handle both ticketing and on-site support. And with most of your support tickets in chat, you'll be able to solve customers' issues faster than ever.

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LiveChat Features

  • Support customers with live chat directly on your site

    • Customize chat window themes to match your brand’s look-and-feel
    • Schedule personalized greetings to appear based on specific rules
    • Display eye-catchers to encourage customers to start a chat
    • Reports and analytics provide insight on your customers’ needs and satisfaction
    • Create goals, gather sales information, and add e-commerce integrations to increase sales for your business

LiveChat Pricing

  • $16/month per seat Starter plan for 60-day chat history, basic chat customization, ticketing, and data security

    • $30/month per seat Regular plan for unlimited chat history and basic reports
    • $33/month per seat Team plan for agent groups and multiple brandings
    • $50/month per seat Enterprise plan for staffing prediction and work scheduler

Pricing is based on seats, or the number of agents logged into your LiveChat account at a given time, with an annual contract

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