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Limo AnywhereNew Account
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MandrillSend Template

Engage with your new customers by sending them a welcome email or sign-up confirmation, and you can start the relationship off on the right foot. With this Zapier integration on your dashboard, an email based on a Mandrill template will automatically be sent to every new account owner on Limo Anywhere, saving you the trouble of having to reach out to them yourself.

How this Limo Anywhere-Mandrill integration works

  1. An account is created in Limo Anywhere via the back office or online reservations system
  2. Zapier sends the owner a template email via Mandrill

Apps involved

  • Limo Anywhere
  • Mandrill

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It's easy to connect Limo Anywhere + Mandrill and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

When this happens...
then do this!
New Paid Reservation

Triggers when the payment status of a trip is set to 'PAID'. Works for reservations that are not on an invoice and are not set to be invoiced/direct billed.

Create Quote Request

Creates a quote request.

New Finalized Invoice

Triggers when an invoice is marked as 'FINALIZED'.

Create Reservation

Creates a reservation.

New Reservation

Triggers when a new reservation is created.

Create Account

Creates an account.

New Catch Hook

Catch and trigger off of any webhook that Mandrill sends.

Send Template

Send an email via a template.

New Quote Request

Triggers when a new quote request is created.

Send Email

Send an email through Mandrill's system!

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Limo Anywhere is the most popular software and mobile app platform in the limousine and livery industry, with over 4,000 happy customers across the globe.

Mandrill is simple, powerful transactional email from the same people that brought you Mailchimp.

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