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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated October 21, 2016

When building a new store or site—or redesigning an existing one—the most important question is how much control you need over your site. If something simple can work, you can use a hosted tool with pre-built themes and have your new store or site online in an hour or less. When you need more power and want to customize everything, though, you're often best building your site from scratch or starting with a self-hosted tool—and will need far longer to get your site or store built.

LemonStand is a hosted eCommerce platform that strikes a balance between the convenience of a hosted store and the customizability of a self-hosted, handcrafted store. It's an online store builder that runs on LemonStand's servers—and it includes prebuilt themes that you can use to get your store online quickly. But if you want to dig in and customize, you can tweak everything about your LemonStand store to fit your needs.

Start out with your store's theme. LemonStand offers a number of open-source base templates that you can start with, including a Bones theme that lists every core element in the stores with zero styling so you can just focus on the design. You can use any front-end framework—including Bootstrap, React, and Angular—to design your store the same way you'd build any other site. You can customize the actual checkout process, along with any other page in your store. And, if you need to tweak something on the fly, you can edit code in LemonStand's online code editor complete with syntax highlighting.

LemonStand is more than just a store, too—it's a full content management system for everything you want to include in your store and site. You can store content in blocks and widgets—and save global resources such as images and product videos—to then reuse easily on any page. You can also add full pages and blog posts with a WYSIWYG editor to share anything you'd like with your potential customers.

You'll then want to build out your product catalog, adding entries for everything you want to sell along with their pricing, variants, options, and categories. You can add custom fields for products to list as much detail as you want, and can add direct price or percentage sales to products. Flexible pricing is one of LemonStand's best features—you can just list normal pricing, or allow wholesale and bulk pricing for large orders. You can also offer subscriptions, list related products that customers can buy as add-ons, and even track your own cost for each item to know your profit margin even when things are on sale. LemonStand can then manage your inventory to help you know when products need restocked—and can keep track of your manufacturer contact info so you can easily get in touch.

Want to a/b test to see which product pricing or copy converts better? Need to followup on customers with marketing emails? Trying to offer lower prices based on specific criteria such as when someone's ordering more than 5 products? LemonStand includes tools for that and more. It'll help you customize your sells process for your market, manage your marketing and store in one place, and let you design your store to look and work exactly the way you want—all without having to worry about managing a server. It's a great way for growing businesses to create a more powerful online store with the simplicity of using a hosted eCommerce platform.

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LemonStand Features

  • Build a hosted eCommerce store with your own custom theme using Bootstrap, React, Angular, or other front-end frameworks to design your store
  • Create detailed product listings with custom fields and variations
  • Sell products with wholesale, volume, or group pricing
  • Sell recurring subscriptions as well as one time purchases
  • Completely customize and A/B test checkout experience and keep customers on your own domain throughout checkout experience
  • Add a blog and pages to your site with the include CMS

LemonStand Pricing

  • $19/month Starter plan for all features and 75 orders per month
  • $69/month Growth plan for all features and 300 orders per month
  • $199/month Professional plan for all features, priority email support and 1000 orders per month
  • $399/month Premium plan for dedicated sandbox store, higher API limits, priority phone support, and 2.5k orders per month

15% annual discount; additional orders $100 per 1k

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A refreshingly customizable eCommerce platform. LemonStand helps web developers, agencies and fast growing brands create beautiful online stores that stand out from the crowd and sell more.