Add new leadPops leads to Marketo

If your team using Marketo for marketing, it's important that all of your leads are added in one place. Activate this automation, and Zapier will collect all the leads which you get on leadPop funnels and will add to Marketo. From that point, new leads automatically added to your Marketo account and no pain for manual entry required.

How this leadPops - Marketo integration works

  1. Visitor on your funnels submit leads
  2. Zapier automatically create a new contact in Marketo

What You Need

  • leadPops account
  • Marketo account
Add new leadPops leads to Marketo
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leadPops develops lead generation technology and marketing solutions for mortgage, real estate, and insurance pros.

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Marketo's marketing automation software helps marketers engage customers and prospects.

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